Types of Video Your Business Needs and How to Create Them

Video has become a powerful marketing tool that works for businesses of all sizes.  It makes an impact that text can't, and it's definitely a step up over a photo.  With video consumption on the web continuing to grow, smart businesses are looking at ways to up their video marketing.  Let's make this manageable by looking at the types of video your business needs.

Types of Video Your Business Needs and How to Create Them

In this podcast episode I dive into the details about the types of video that your business needs and should create, as well as how to do this with limited video skills using a powerful web tool called Wave Video.

Let's dive in!

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VIDEO: Types of Video Your Business Needs and How to Create Them

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Diving into the Details: Types of Video Your Business Needs

1. Company Overview and Introduction

A video overview of your company can be a powerful introduction to your brand for someone doing research and coming to your website, or visiting your social media sites.  A company video can communicate your competitive advantage in a short segment and help differentiate you from competitors, thus enabling you to grow your business leads.

2. Product/Feature Videos

A product review video is just as much for prospective clients as they are for your existing clients. At the or a product video is a value statement. What value will the product add to the lives of your clients? What problem or challenge will the product solve?

Don’t subject users to five minutes of you highlighting your product’s specifications. Instead, go for an original story that focuses more on the benefits of your products more than the technical details. Tell your story in a tone and style that relates to your target audience.

Let your audience see the product in action. A slow and thorough demo can be a great touch. At the end, of course, make your call-to-action noticeable, and be sure to highlight again your product’s value.

3. Introduce a Blog Post or Event

In today's social media age, people consume content via video.

With this being the case, use it as a means to introduce them to your latest blog post, your latest podcast, or your upcoming event.  Promo videos can be a great way to attract more views and engagement on social media that then informs or drives users to your key content.

5. How-To Videos/ Tutorials

How-to videos can be valuable to teach customers how to best use your product. You can also narrow the scope of such a video to focus on just one particular feature of your product and create multiple videos on different components this way.

Keep it simple all the way through and, as with the product videos, strive to not be too technical.  Do a step-by-step video, and do not rush over the content. Remember that it does not have to be absolutely perfect, but helpful and real.

As always, be sure to end with a call-to-action. You can also refer users to complementary resources that will be just as helpful such as blog posts, FAQ sections on your website or to contact your company.

6. Social Media Videos for Engagement

Social media is a powerful force in brand awareness, brand acquisition, and consumer attraction.  Videos that engage are ones that ask a question or that tell a story in such a way that people want to like, comment, and share it.  These can be short videos in the form of 15 second Stories for use on Instagram and Facebook as well.  Understand your audience and provide content in video form that connects with them and invites feedback.

Diving into the Details: How to Create & Edit Them

As a small business owner or marketer, you likely do not have special video skills or lots of time to be editing videos, even though you know you need them.  That's where a tool like Wave Video comes in!  Wave Video is a powerful desktop web tool made for people like small business owners and marketers who are not video pro's but know they need to use more video and up their video quality.

Wave.Video offers video tools including:

  • Ready-video you can use for backgrounds
  • Royalty free music to add to your videos
  • Quick edit tools to crop your videos
  • Ability to add your voice to a video
  • Sound increase/decrease features
  • Easy ability to edit your videos by adding text, logo, call to action and more

If you need stock video that you can use as a backdrop to a story you want to share, or if you want to customize a product video with background music and text overlays, Wave Video makes it possible for you to do this on your own.  Want to start simple?  You can with adding a few photos to create a video slideshow complete with background music, your voice overlay and text call-to-actions.

It's all possible today with Wave Video!  There are no more excuses for not making videos!

The Take-Away

You know you need to use video, now it's been made much easier with a powerful tool like Wave.  Hopefully you now have ideas on the types of video your business can produce.  What's the 2-3 key videos you need to make this week?

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