How Social Listening Helped Us to Grow a Brand? TradeCrypto Case Study

How Social Listening Helped Us to Grow a Brand? TradeCrypto Case Study

Businesses should be more conscious than ever that simply monitoring social media to boost brand recognition is no longer as effective. The process of social listening is very beneficial, and it assisted us in growing our brand. In this article, you’ll find many interesting things about social listening strategy and learn how helpful it was for TradeCrypto to be successful.

Behind every successful brand, there is a large network of strategies that helps brands to be unique and ahead of the competition. Your clients need to know that you are taking care of them, so if you don’t engage your customers, there is a chance your brand won’t grow or attract any new leads.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is a strategy, or rather a tool, whose main use is to hear what potential and existing buyers or clients have to say about some brand on social media platforms.

There are various social media monitoring tools, some of which helped us grow our brand online and boost our social media presence in the most exciting ways. These tools can monitor what people online have to say about various things, including:

  • General views on a company;
  • Services the company provides;
  • Trends in any industry;
  • Managers and marketing campaigns;
  • Important individuals;
  • Other parties involved;
  • Keywords or even competitors.

But, we didn’t just collect this information. We also learned how social media listening can increase customer advocacy, and we used this as our main element when growing a brand. If you are interested in our brand, you can visit

For those who don’t know, there is one more relevant term here, and that’s social monitoring. But, what is social monitoring? Is it the same as social listening? Absolutely not. There are some important differences between these two terms and strategies. If you stay with us, you will have a chance to learn about them.

social monitoring

Differences between social listening and social monitoring

Now that we have explained what the term ‘social listening’ means, we can also clarify the term social monitoring, because they are not synonymous. Basically, social monitoring is all about collecting data that will later be utilized for your social listening strategy. We can say that social monitoring is something that provides support and is the main foundation of social listening.

How we benefited from social listening?

Our company has so many benefits arising from social listening. Below, we have prepared a list of amazing things about social listening. You can think about these benefits if you want to learn how social listening can help you find leads. Here is how:

  • Now have a centralized database for all brand mentions;
  • Can engage and communicate with people, even if they’re not tagged;
  • Have insight into the behavior of our audience, as well as their habits and desires;
  • Attracted more leads to our company;
  • Are now able to keep an eye on competitors and follow trends.

Now, we will provide examples and briefly describe how we did it.

social listening

How do we grow our brand in a few steps with social listening?

The first step in growing our brand was identifying and targeting keywords that are relevant to our brand. But, those were not just keywords directly connected to our brand. We wanted to examine many other ones, such as those linked to competitors' brands, slogans, important people in the industry, etc.

After we targeted keywords and phrases we wanted to follow, it was time to make a marketing strategy that would help us promote our brand and engage with our audience. Engaging customers is important, because they love it when they know your brand cares about them.


People want to feel special, so give that to them! For example, a current client may tweet saying how much they enjoy your product. Or you can come across a conversation where individuals seek solutions that your product or service can supply.

Keep an eye on what people have got to say about your brand. When you can, reply with a funny answer or give them the information they need. Podcasts are also a good way to interact with your audience. If you are interested, check out Crypto podcasts.

There, you can find amazing things about the crypto world, as well as the 20 best podcasts about DeFi. Hurry up and check out the latest trends in the DeFi world.

As you can see, social listening is a fantastic method that can provide great results. However, you will need to put in your best effort so that the strategy can be perfectly customized according to your needs and demands. We created our own social listening strategy and now have a proven track record with it.

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