My Website Appears on Page One of Search Engines - Here's How I Did It.

My Website Appears on Page One of Search Engines - Here's How I Did It.

We live in times where we can access any kind of information should we wish, at any given time. From futile passing thoughts along the lines of “how long is an earthworm” to deep existential questions like “why are we here?”  We have the tendency to go down the rabbit hole hopping from one random question to the next. It is safe to say that our inquisitive senses have never been more entertained before. Although we all have a multitude of different searching behaviors, when you think about it, there is one thing that remains common. None of us seem to make it past the first search page. Unless you are conducting a thorough study and need to go through different sources, like everyone else, you probably just focus on the first results and make do with whatever information you get. Which brings us to the importance of SOE or Search Engine Optimization, which is one of the pillars that digital marketers depend on to promote a business’s website. However, it is easier said than done. I have personally managed to get my website to appear on page one of the search engines. 

Below, I will share with you how to do the same:

An Elaborate Backlink Strategy

Backlinks are the most essential component of your SEO strategy. To put it simply, a backlink strategy refers to the use of multiple platforms and other relevant websites where you can add a link to your own website to create more traffic. Be it an article in a popular online magazine, or a personal blog spot. The challenge, however, is to select the right number of suitable ones that most appeal to your target audience. According to the valuable insights from SEO experts at, backlink strategies’ success depend on a combination of factors. First of all, building your homepage credibility as this will determine whether the rest of your SEO efforts will work or not. You have to focus on using your brand name or URL as an anchor text in order to come across as a verifiable trustworthy brand. You will then have to make sure you are adamant in identifying and catering to a certain niche. Last but not least,  you should create amazing content. Be as thorough as you can in covering the niche topic you have selected. Be it a meticulous guide on how to do something or an informative discussion on a hot topic that everyone is talking about at the moment. 

Improve Your User Experience

When you provide your visitors with a unique experience, you will create great traction for your website and automatically gain a lot of exposure. To be able to create content that is engaging and deemed interesting by your audience, you will have to spend some time and effort in studying your market. You can then use the data you come up with in customizing your website to amplify your users’ experience. Focus on your web design and simplify the way users can navigate between different pages to make sure they go beyond the homepage and actually spend time checking all the content you have to offer.  The smoother the flow throughout your website; the higher is your chance of getting more visits. Another important aspect of bettering your user experience is to make it consistent regardless of the type of device your audience is using. People nowadays mainly use their smartphones in browsing, so, you need to make sure that your mobile browser is just as efficient as your desktop one. 

Identify the Important Keywords

According to your website’s contents, and through your market research, you should be able to identify the important keywords that you have to integrate to attract your target audience and have them easily find their way to your website. General words related to certain subjects can hardly be considered keywords. The easiest way you can pinpoint the right keywords is by studying your competitors. Take a cue from relevant websites regarding the keywords they are using to optimize their position on page one of the search results. Once you do, avoid overusing these keywords on different pages of your website. Otherwise, you will risk being dismissed by the search engine, as there will be confusion as to which page should be shown in the search results.

Aim for Local Listing Searches

Over the last 5 years, the number of people who use their location to look for restaurants and other services near them has been growing exponentially. You need to make sure your website is listed on different sources to guarantee visibility with a geographical search. To make better use of Google’s “near me” searches, you have to sign up to the “Google my Business” tool that Google will use to retrieve information about your website. The information you use needs to be regularly revised to make sure it is up to date and accurate. Make sure you mention your address clearly if available as well as operating hours or any other useful information that can help secure your position on Google’s “near me” listings. You can also encourage users to leave online reviews that can push your position even higher on the results page. 

Target Multiple Search Engines

While many people depend on Google as their go-to search engine, there are many other ones that you should not ignore. Based on the surveys you should be conducting, to understand your target audience’s needs, you might learn that the search engine preference varies based on location and age group. By focusing only on Google, you would be paying a high opportunity cost. The best approach is to focus on your target market’s preferences, while at the same time, keeping an eye out on other search engines.

Continue Improvements as You Go

You need to keep track of how the strategies you implemented are working and be agile in taking corrective actions. Testing as you go by observing your traffic and measuring your audience’s engagement will be essential to understand whether your efforts are paying off. Competing for a place on page one is fierce, so you need to be continuously improving and adjusting your tactics.

My Website Appears on Page One of Search Engines - Here's How I Did It.

Although search engine algorithms can be quite complex, they are no secret and are out there for everyone to use. The implementation of different strategies to successfully follow these algorithms is where the challenge lies. Using the above information, you too can crack the code and enjoy having your website up, front, and center on the coveted page one. However, once you do, you will need to shift your gears towards maintaining that place and holding on to it for as long as possible. 

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