How to Use the New Google Advertising Analytics


Analytics gathered from Google ads can be highly beneficial to digital marketers. This powerful and robust platform enables business owners and marketers to gain insights into customer behavior. However, since Google Ads uses a pay-per-click method, it is immensely important to understand how your customers behave and interact when browsing your website. Analytics data can help determine if a potential customer is stuck on a specific webpage when checking out or leaving.

The new Google Ads analytics has emerged due to changing customer purchase behavior, partly contributed to the coronavirus pandemic. As more businesses migrate towards digital operations, the new metrics make it possible to get more valuable insights tailored to your business model. Businesses are now able to stay ahead of customers’ behavior for continuous growth. That said, below are some ways businesses can leverage the new Google advertising analytics.

Better Customer Reach

The new Google advertising analytics, better known as the performance max campaign, complements your basic keyword search campaigns. Therefore, making it possible to reach a wider audience. They help paint a clearer picture of user behavior and provide independent reports about customers. From these analytics, you can identify keywords used in the keyword search campaigns and ads that are the source of maximum conversions.

Estimate Performance towards Achieving Goals

Evaluating performance is probably one of the major reasons businesses need analytic reports. However, different businesses have varying goals. For instance, while some may be looking to acquire new customers, other businesses may need to improve their online or offline sales. Without proper analytics, it becomes impossible to evaluate the performance of your marketing and Google ads strategy. This is where the new Google Analytics campaign stands out.

Initially, digital marketers couldn’t drive traffic, leads, and sales from a targeted campaign. Fortunately, the new Google ads analytics makes it possible to drive traffic and leads from Google using one campaign. Google takes advantage of machine learning to optimize your campaigns to target potential customers across the platform.

Better Insights

As mentioned, gaining insights is the number one goal of Google analytics. Insights help digital marketers optimize their campaigns and make generally informed business decisions. New campaign metrics provide an easier yet deeper understanding of your audience. Through this, you can extensively understand your customer behavior and make predictions that will keep your business afloat.

For instance, for businesses with goals of generating leads and sales, the analytics provide better results on engagement figures, such as pages per visit, average bounce rate, and visit duration. Such metrics make it easier to identify ads that are driving traffic to your site. Additionally, you can easily identify areas of your campaign in need of improvements.

Take Advantage of New Google Advertising Analytics

Despite still being in the early stages, Performance Max Campaigns can come in handy for boosting your ad campaign performance. They are a significant upgrade from the previous campaign metrics format, providing beneficial information to help you meet your business goals with ease. With this, you can get insights that only Google can provide. The machine learning capabilities allow you to discover new and beneficial insights, such as areas that most likely convert or customers with high revenue potential.

We definitely recommend you look into these analytics and contact our team to discuss how we would run ad campaigns with these type of reports for your company.

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