Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: What Works Best?

Facebook  Ads and Google Ads continue to evolve.

It's not so much "if"you use them anymore, but "how", "when", and "which".

Ads help drive traffic and grow leads when used properly.  With the rapid rise of Facebook Ads the question often is, "What works best, Facebook Ads or Google Ads?"


 Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: What Works Best?

In this episode of Halftime Mike I dive into this practical question and give you answers. This episode flows out of our own work for using both ad platforms for our own sites ( and as well as our work on behalf of clients.  When I saw the infographic below, I knew I wanted to dive into this topic a bit further and give you my own take!

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How to Decide on Facebook Ads versus Google Ads:

Here's a quick breakdown on strengths for each ad type.  Remember, today it's not so much "if" you need to use ads but "when" and "which one".

      1. Reach  - Google comes out swinging with a better reach ... approx 90% of all internet users will use Google at some point during a monthly basis.  The key is the quality of that reach which leads to #2 below.
      2. Targeting Options - Facebook throws an uppercut to Google's chin with the amazing and extensive demographics to focus ad audience targeting so that people who are likely to purchase are the people that receive the ads. Facebook know SO MUCH about each user you can drill down and really reach a precise audience on Facebook.
      3. Mobile Advertising - Google comes back with a strong gut punch by being more mobile ad friendly at this point, though Facebook is rapidly making advances and is focused on this area.
      4. ROI - Facebook and Google are trading punches as this really depends on how well your ads are created and placed, which can be a function of the person placing the ad and not the ad service. But with Facebook's tight ad targeting ability, it's landing a few more punches and getting more points for return on investment.  Cost per click may be a bit higher on Facebook but reaching your ideal audience makes up for that.

The Winner... I use them both, and they both have merits and uses, but I like Facebook marketing the best.

It has by far the most powerful demographic targeting options that allow you to reach the people that have demonstrated an interest in your product or service, so your ROI is higher. But, don't exclude Google for mobile ads and immediate sales!

Remember, Ads help you AMPLIFY what you are already doing with your content and helps you in the Attraction, Lead Capture, and Conversion areas of the Digital Marketing Funnel.

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google-ads-vs-facebook-ads what is better

Infographic by friends at WishPond

Thoughts and preferences on Ad types you use?

Share them below!

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