10 Top SEO Tools to Use in Digital Marketing

top 10 seo tools to use

There’s a good chance you already use a number of SEO tools for your digital marketing. Whether it’s for keyword research, competitor research, or analytics, these SEO tools not only make your work easier but also increase efficiency and boost profitability.

For the best ROI in your digital marketing efforts, we know the tools that give the returns you’re looking for and we’ve got them listed here.

The Google Search Console

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, Search Console allows you to discover errors that Google bots may have encountered when crawling your site which can help you better optimize your website for the search engine. Look at your search analytics to find useful information such as Impressions and CTR.


AhRefs is one of the best places to conduct competitor keyword research. Once you’re on the website, type the site you want to analyze and the tool will display the business’ main keywords. You can even check for things like the availability and difficulty of the keywords.


Almost similar to AhRefs, SEMRush makes it possible to analyze your competitor in detail. Among other things, you can see their most visited web pages and even delve deeper into the keywords used on each page and which of the keywords generate the most traffic. is a free SEO tool that provides Google auto-complete search suggestions. You simply type a keyword and the tool generates several other keywords from the input word. You can expand the tool to generate long-tail keywords. is a detailed but easy-to-use consumer insight tool that combines the suggested searches from Bing and Google and provides the information in organized categories. Marketers can use these categories to discover the what, where, and why of any keyword or keyword groups. provides a wide range of services, including search analytics, marketing intelligence, on-page audit, competitor research, and advertising analysis. It also allows you to find out the keywords, links, and general insight of the top 100 search results of a specific keyword and keyword group.


This is another excellent tool when performing a competitor comparison. Just input your URL and SpyFu will generate all the insight you’re looking for, complete with a list of your competitors’ main keywords, backlinks, search volume, etc.


Links are an important part of any SEO campaign. Therefore, you’ll at some point find yourself doing a lot of link analysis. Majestic is one of the best link analysis tools you can find. It tells you whether the site you’re thinking of linking to has enough authority.


SEOQuake is a free SEO extension that can be used on most of the major browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. This is one of the key SEO tools that allows you to discover your PageRank, Alexa rank, backlinks, and keyword density.

This is another Google Chrome extension. It shows your competition, search volume, and CPC data for all keywords. Keywords Everywhere gets all its data from the Google Keyword Planner, making it a very reliable tool.

Bonus Tool: Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog scans and analyzes websites. Additionally, it shows your website SEO data, response codes, broken links, redirects, and other data. It’s a desktop application and must be downloaded and installed.  It can be a powerful addition to your SEO tools.

By adding SEO tools that you can use to review your site and follow it’s progress you can continue to monitor and improve how your site does online.  These tools help you dive deeply into your site performance and give you keys to address to move up in search rankings.

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