Email Marketing Tips for Black Friday


Email marketing is among the oldest marketing strategies that generate sales when applied appropriately. It would be a mistake to overlook the opportunities that email marketing offers during the Black Friday weekend. The tricky part about email marketing during the Black Friday weekend is standing out from your competitors. Various tried and true methods will ensure a successful Black Friday email marketing campaign. Here are 6 tips to build your Black Friday marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Tips for Black Friday

Keep it simple

Email campaigns need to be simple and straight to the point. You don’t have time to write lengthy emails outlining your company’s history, consumers won’t read it. The title of the email should be something catchy that shows the intent of the email. The title should include terms like Black Friday, x% off, sale or discounts. Make sure you specify the duration of the Black Friday sale in your email and the location (in-store/online).

Create a theme

A theme makes it easy to market a sale via an email marketing campaign. The idea should include your biggest selling products in your store. Put a lot of thought into your plan as it will act as the baseline for your Black Friday marketing campaign.

Offer relevant information first

Start your email with the most pertinent information like the discount percentage, dates of sale, the items on sale and the times of the sale. Potential buyers spend less than 30 seconds on a promotion email before moving on to the next one. Having the essential details of the sale as the first thing on the email ensures that the recipient is interested enough to continue reading and will click on the attached links. Always remember to include relevant links to the website for the sale.

Show the products on sale

Pictures have a significant impact on buyers. Images are also natural to remember compared to words, so it is a must to include in an email campaign. Create a banner that shows the items on sale and the discounts of each of the items. Banners can be downloaded and shared by users increasing the reach of your email campaign.

Use coupons and gift cards wisely

Coupons and gift cards are an excellent incentive for buyers during a Black Friday sales campaign. In reality, offering a gift card or coupon prompts consumers to shop for items during the sale. Giving coupons to loyal customers and new ones will guarantee an increase in sales during the Black Friday weekend.

Keep things interesting

Making the same sale announcement for 3-4 weeks straight can become annoying fast, however, alternating makes things interesting. Having a sale of household items for one week then beauty the next and so forth creates a sense of urgency for customers to buy your products. Alternating discounts on various things will also make customers rush to your store to purchase products before the sale period is over.

Underestimating email marketing during black Friday marketing campaigns can be a grave mistake. The right content and banners in an email will lead buyers straight to your website to check out your products. These email marketing tips for Black Friday seek to guide you to make a successful campaign without having to try out a thousand different things.

Above all, you should track the various email campaigns you use to know which strategies attract more interest and increase marketing efforts on the ones that are attracting higher traffic. Tracking the email marketing campaigns also shows the least performing marketing strategies so that you can improve on them. Enjoy the amazing benefits of email marketing for your business during the upcoming Black Friday.

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