SMS Marketing – How It Can Improve Business in 2021

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Advancing internet speeds and availability provide a wide array of options that businesses can use to connect with potential clients. From email, SEO, and social media, to paid ads and websites, business owners have a variety. However, have you considered reaching your customers through one of the most used tools available? Consider using mobile phone texts, as the majority of the population owns a cellphone. SMS text marketing is among the many marketing strategies you can leverage for increased sales and business growth.

What is SMS Marketing?

As the name suggests, SMS or Short Message Service marketing involves sending promotional and transactional text messages to previous and potential clients. There are now multiple SMS Marketing Platforms you can use. Messages could contain various time-bound offers, deals, or product updates. Any size business can benefit significantly from SMS marketing as it provides a direct avenue for business owners to reach their clients. However, ensure that you only send messages to individuals who have consented to receive them. Spam texts are damaging to your business brand and reputation.

Using this marketing strategy enables businesses to reach clients 24/7 and helps to build and maintain strong relationships. Before you send text messages to clients, ensure that you formulate an effective SMS marketing strategy to capture your business needs. Also, don’t limit your texts to business content only. Send your customers a happy anniversary or birthday message annually and simple greetings randomly.

Is SMS Effective?

Like any other marketing strategy, you should evaluate the effectiveness of SMS marketing before using it. The effectiveness of SMS marketing becomes apparent if your customers get the message and take action. That said, nearly everyone currently owns a phone. Approximately 4.78 billion people worldwide use mobile phones, with 3.5 billion using smartphones. This makes it easier than ever to reach customers through texts.

Unlike email marketing, where messages may be directed to spam folders, texts go straight into your customer’s inbox. Texts are also short and easy to read. Other reasons why SMS marketing is effective include;

  • You can easily reach many people, especially when using a bulk text message service provider.
  • Mobile sent coupons to have a higher redemption rate than coupons sent through other avenues.
  • SMS marketing has a higher ROI due to high open-rates.
  • You can reach customers in areas with poor internet connectivity.
  • Quick and reaches the intended customer directly.

With the estimation that 3.8 billion people will have smartphones by the end of 2021, SMS marketing should be a consideration for your business.

SMS Marketing Best Practices

  • SMS marketing and email marketing share several elements. For instance, you should get your customers’ contact information, create a contact list database, integrate SMS marketing service providers, create marketing content, and send the content to contacts and subgroups. However, telephone carriers can block your marketing efforts if you market incorrectly. To avoid this, observe the following marketing tips; Ensure that your clients and target customers opt-in for SMS marketing, just as they would for bulk email services. Otherwise, they can report your messages to carriers leading to carrier filters. This will mean you can not send messages to people using that carrier.
  • Use shortcodes – most SMS marketing tools send messages with a 10-digit number. However, such numbers are prone to be blocked by carrier filters unless your clients have opted in and your sender ID is whitelisted. Nonetheless, consider using apps that use shortcodes, usually between 5 and 6 numbers that are pre-approved by carriers.
  • Don’t only send offers – you should market your products and build a community with your clients. Offer valuable content, such as special discounts, deals, and educational content.
  • Keep your messages short –they should be easy to read and straightforward.

View a list of the best SMS marketing software systems of 2021.

Grow Your Business with SMS Campaign

SMS marketing remains one of the underutilized marketing strategies. To reach a large audience, work with premium SMS marketing service providers. Such providers maximize the delivery of the messages while reducing lag time. This is crucial for businesses that need to update their clients on ongoing promotions in real-time, such as flash sales.

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