Why your business should still be using email marketing in 2020


Despite the rise of other digital marketing channels, including social media and video platforms, email remains one of the best ways to market in the digital age. Not only is it low cost, but it’s also one of the easiest marketing strategies to implement.

It, therefore, only makes sense for every marketer to continue with and, where possible, improve their existing email campaigns. However, if you’re not so sure why you should spend so much time and money on email, here are five reasons to convince you.

Your Business Should Still be Using Email Marketing

4.25 billion email users

Marketing research company Radicati predicts that there will be 4.25 billion email users in the world in 2020, a 320 million increase from 2019. On average, these people own 1.86 email accounts each, rounding up to two email accounts per person.

Around 4.5 billion people are predicted to have internet access in 2020. This is why email marketing is critical – nearly everyone with internet access has at least 1 email account.

Email marketing is getting simpler and simpler

From collecting email contacts to creating messages and sending them to your list. You no longer have to worry about spending lots of money or time on email marketing.

First off, you can team up with an email marketing agency to do the job on your behalf. These agencies charge only a few hundred dollars a month to deliver emails to millions of users spread across the world. Alternatively, you can purchase or sign up with email automation software. When it comes to creating the email itself, drag-and-drop builders make it a breeze! You can even set up automation from your website lead forms.

Email is critical in tying together all your marketing campaigns

There are endless ways to market on the internet. From chatbots to live video, webinars, e-conferences, and so forth – the choice is yours. Unfortunately, a large number of marketing channels can sometimes cause confusion.

Email provides a great way to tie together all your digital marketing efforts. First, you can use email to promote all your other digital marketing channels. Secondly, you can make email the central point for all your marketing efforts. So that every notification, comment, download, chat request, etc. is monitored via email.

Use email analytics to grow your business

If you opt to work with an email services provider, you will get free access to audience analytics such as the average age of your contacts, where they live, when they are active on the internet, and so much more.

You can use this information to better plan your digital marketing campaign. For example, once you know where a customer lives, you can use that information to personalize your messages when replying to their posts on Facebook. Email marketing will also help you find out the most devoted contacts which would allow you to allocate your marketing resources accordingly.

It’s one of the best ways to build trust and relationships

A key challenge digital marketing face is building rapport; getting customers to believe and trust you. Any marketer that passes this test is guaranteed repeat sales and endless referrals in the future.

Therefore email is one of the best ways to build trust. In a world where consumers increasingly fear for cyberattacks, cyberbullying, and harmful misinformation, email gives you a serene environment to build strong, genuine relationships with your contacts. Once the relationship fully develops, customers will have complete trust and confidence in your brand.

Get Started Now!

If you’re serious about enjoying the above benefits, begin working on your campaign today. You don’t even need a budget to get started. Email marketing is not slowing down, read our blog to find out more.

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