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Social Media for Lead Generation

October 13, 2016
Social Media works!  Are you using social media lead generation well for your business? It's more than just posting funny photos or repeatedly pushing your products! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into moving from simply social media to social media lead generation for businesses.  There's a strategic difference! Discover the concept […]

Key Insights for your Facebook Marketing: Facebook Page Insights

October 11, 2016
Facebook may attract criticism for everything from constantly changing rules for marketers to questionable privacy settings to possible political biases in its news headlines. But even with the occasional grumbling, massive amounts of people are still there regularly each day! Its worldwide user's number over 3 billion, making it the world's most dominant social network. […]

Cloud Based Tools For Social Media And Content Marketing

October 5, 2016
Thanks to the innovative techniques and revolutionary marketing strategies, entrepreneurs have better access to global markets. Social media is no longer limited to building contacts and finding entertainment. It also offers pretty lucrative opportunities to business people who want to expand their customer reach. The growth of blogs and websites further prove this fact. And […]

Social Media for Manufacturers

October 4, 2016
Where once we relied on television, news and print media for news, entertainment, and product information, now we turn to laptops, tablets, and smartphones when we want to be in the know. It’s information on demand, and it’s changing the way people shop, and how smart companies market.  Your business can be part of this. […]

7 Secrets for Businesses Starting to Use Social Media

September 21, 2016
The social media presence seems to be a prerequisite step in the evolution of a powerful brand. Every major business is investing large amounts of resources in these channels while there are still many skeptics that question the effect of this online marketing. However, the numbers are speaking volumes of the fact that social media […]

Integrate Your Online Marketing

September 15, 2016
Social media is the buzzword tossed about by consumers and business professionals. It seems like every time someone tells you the best way to promote your business the first thing out of their mouth concerns social media as the leading new method. One reason for this is because of the low barriers to entry. Social […]

What is All the Fuss About Adobe Spark?

September 13, 2016
You thrive on creating excellent content for your customers. And you know that video and imagery are key online.  However, your video and graphics have been a little weak. So what can you do? Adobe Spark is the newest thing that fits the bill – it’s just been released by the makers of Photoshop. It […]

Twitter Changes that Affect Your Business

September 1, 2016
Recently Twitter announced they would be changing their 140-character messaging format to make business marketing easier. Many business owners might be missing the benefits Twitter offers those promoting a business or product. Changes to Twitter will make it easier to use the platform. It will help businesses engage in real time conversations and lower customer […]

Lead Capture Tactics in the Digital Marketing Funnel

July 28, 2016
Lead capture tactics - one of the most important and biggest gaps on websites today! Most website do not have clearly defined ways to capture leads on their website.  A "contact us" form is not a lead capture tactic! Lead capture must be part of an integrated online strategy. In this episode of the halftime […]

A Review of Livestreaming Apps

July 22, 2016
Today, many businesses are starting to look into using livestreaming apps to help strengthen and nurture their relationship with their audience and customers. Video is popular and people are tuning into live video more and more.  Smartphone use is making it easy to livestream, and it’s a tool businesses need to consider as part of […]

Magnet Marketers LIVE Show Tuesday's at 4pm ET

July 18, 2016
  Magnet Marketers is a LIVE online show each Tuesday at 4 pm ET. Hosted my Mike Gingerich and Jessika Phillips it's a show all about discovering how your business can become a "magnet" online rather than being an old-school bullhorn. Times have changed, your marketing needs to as well! Learn about the latest trends, […]

Growing an Online Business - The Alison J Prince Story

July 14, 2016
Are you growing an online business with measurable success? Is your Facebook Page and Instagram account growing and driving sales? Interested in hearing the story of one mom who is repeating success online? You're in the right place! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into the Alison J Prince story.   […]

What is SocialChamp and How Do You Use It?

July 12, 2016
What’s the essential thing you need to set up your brand’s identity? Social media, isn’t it? Nowadays, social media is the proven way that helps you to build up your brand identity and introduce it to the world. However, what happens when you have multiple social accounts? Isn’t it exhausting to post manually on all […]

Social Media Marketing on a Budget

July 7, 2016
Having a solid marketing plan is essential for every small business to get the word out about their products and services. Companies need to be cost-effective (i.e., small marketing budget) and one way to maximize your dollars today is through online social media marketing. Social media is a legitimate business marketing avenue. People spend significant […]

Facebook Ad Rule for Text in Images is Changing

June 30, 2016
Facebook ads have quite a bit of appeal. These ads can feature your business on a social media platform that hosts millions of users every single day. When you place a Facebook ad that features your product or service, you should be able to reach more people than ever before, right? The process of setting […]

What is Venngage Infographics Creator?

June 28, 2016
Venngage is an easy to use website where the most design-inept can create stylish content for websites, presentations, ads, social media use and much more. There are templates for a wide range of projects including infographics, reports, posters, promotions and social media images. Save yourself the frustration of learning to use complex design software, let […]

Growing Leads with Instagram and SnapChat - Straight from Sue B Zimmerman

June 23, 2016
  Are you growing leads with Instagram and SnapChat? Do you wish you were and want to know how to track the ROI? Sue gave away loads of creative ideas here! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast Sue B. Zimmerman drops in to drop some gold on ways to use Instagram and SnapChat […]

CoSchedule Plugin for WordPress: An Honest Review

June 21, 2016
Managing to-do lists is challenging. From time to time, we fail to meet our deadlines because we didn’t plan properly or we forgot the task altogether. This is especially true when you have a lot of work, and you're juggling multiple projects. With these issues, more professionals are using editorial calendars to help them stay […]

Engagement Keys in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

June 9, 2016
Are you engaging your web visitors and social media community? Do you have an "engagement" action plan"? Engagement in Your Digital Marketing Strategy is all about what you need to do at the TOP of your digital funnel to CONNECT. You NEED to be engaging your web and social community to build rapport.  I talk about how to do […]

5 Building Blocks of an Effective Web Presence

June 7, 2016
It’s important to keep up with the frequent changes on the web that affect your company’s online presence. Here are several key points to keep in mind to make sure your business has an effective web presence that is consistent and performing well according to today’s standards. The way that you present yourself on the […]

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