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It is now fairly simple to start a blog. In just a few clicks, your website can be up and running with sophisticated website builder tools. Even with the ease of starting a blog, few manage to survive the long game. It is important to note that starting a blog and managing your blog successfully are two different things.  Developing a successful blog is the same as running a business. It requires effort, investment, and sales traffic if you want to achieve success.

This may sound overwhelming, but you need to understand that there are more than six million blogs published every day. Meaning that there’s tight competition if you are hoping to get traffic. However, don’t let this fact scare you, as there are many different ways you can drive traffic and make your blog successful.

One simple and effective way is to add a social sharing button to each blog post, and this can be achieved by using the WordPress Social Warfare plugin. It is easy to configure, features attractive buttons for social network sharing, and doesn't decrease your website speed.
Here is an in-depth guide to why it is a useful traffic generation tool for your website.

A Better Way of Indicating Social Proof

The Social Warfare plugin lets you know the rate at which your content is posted on social media platforms. Understand that social proof is a critical psychological tool that has long been effective at influencing more shares. With Social Warfare, you can show your most popular posts ranked by social shares.

You can display your popular posts suited to the social platform they’re popular on. Using the popular post widget, you have the option to customize and display your post look. This can be based on custom date range, custom visual themes, image and text size, and post thumbnail images.

You Benefit from Click to Tweet Quotes

Social Warfare allows you to conveniently create tweetable quotes inside your pages or posts. This is an effective way to increase the number of tweets per article. Also, using Social Warfare shortcode makes it possible to have tweet buttons within your blog post or article. If you are hoping to incorporate a share button to a page then redirect it to a different page, Social Warfare still provides you with this option.

This is usually the case if you want to share your subscriptions from your thank you page. If you have experience working with PHP, it’s possible to incorporate the plugin on your theme template for easy customization.

Customizes How Your Content Is Shared

Unlike any other social sharing plugins, Social Warfare stands out if you hope to customize how you share Pinterest content. The plugin helps you dictate the description, title, and images that should appear when you share content on Pinterest and Facebook. This still applies to other networks, especially those that take advantage of Open Graph data to undertake social shares.

With this plugin, you can upload a customized Pinterest image with a description of it. This way, if anyone clicks the pin button, whichever image you choose will show up with the description you have written. You no longer have to hope that whoever is sharing will choose the best image and write a suitable description for you. Additionally, you can write a custom tweet for anyone who clicks on the Twitter button.

You still have the option to customize the sharing networks you wish to display, where they show up and how the buttons look. You can achieve this by selecting your options from eight different color themes and six different button shapes.

Add Social Warfare to your Website

Getting traffic to your website is a critical step in building a successful business. Social media's popularity is a vital stepping stone for those looking to scale their business, and the social warfare plugin does just that. With the different aspects of the plugin discussed in this guide, it's time to consider how you hope to incorporate it into your blog.

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