Social Media Marketing on YouTube: Video Marketing Strategy, Tricks, and Tools

Social Media Marketing on YouTube: Video Marketing Strategy, Tricks, and Tools

Social Media Marketing on YouTube is more important now than ever. Having a social presence that is far-reaching and effective makes your Internet experience memorable. We all dread when the only person that appreciates your post is just you and a countable few.  At Socials Up, seeing you maximize your social networking opportunities is what they stand for.

Video marketing is a strategic approach adopted by marketers to create video content for marketing purposes. This video would be designed to market their products or services to their customers. A well-crafted marketing video is engaging and projects the brand as a go-to brand in that market space. 

With over two billion monthly users of YouTube, it's indeed a platform to reach the world. With the right tools and tricks at your fingertips makes it fun and productive. 

Below are five steps to get your social media marketing up and running on YouTube. Enjoy. 

Step 1. Create a YouTube Business Account 

To create your business account on YouTube, you need to open a Google account that would be primarily for your brand. Register your business account with your brand name just as it appears on all your other social media accounts. 

Having a Brand Account doesn't stop you from opening and managing several YouTube channels for a wider reach and online presence.

Step 2. Know your Target Audience

Understanding YouTube demographics is key to maximize your social networking opportunities. With Think With Google, you let data take the lead. YouTube business channels can also give you unlimited access to Analytics.

You need to conduct quantitative research and analysis that will inform you of the audience's percentage by location, age, preferences, and gender that visits your channel. With Google Analytics, you can easily access these kinds of demographic information. 

Also, paying attention to general qualitative data that will affect your decision-making process is essential. For instance, find out the most viewed categories of videos over the years and use it to project the viewers' future possible preferences. Take 2019 as an example, viewers spend over 99 million hours on videos related to meditation. 

You can also check your viewers, subscribers, and what they left in the comments section if you have an active YouTube channel. Explore the Community Tab on your admin page. Monitoring this would also guide you into creating content that would be appealing to your audience. 

Step 3: Create Great Videos

A great video is one that explicitly informs viewers of its content. Creating your video content in an engaging way and putting it out there the best way would surely catch the attention of millions. Using a video marketing strategy to market your social media works like magic if done well. So, ensure your videos are off the hook.

How To Create Great Videos

  • Use Storytelling Techniques

Everyone loves entertainment. So, instead of primarily focusing on your brand, strategically guiding your audience to it with a story. Just focusing on your brand without audience entertainment would probably make your video of no value to the viewer.

When your videos tell stories that the audience can easily relate to, it creates memories and nostalgia that gives the audience an impression that they can identify with you. So, they'll keep coming to you for more.

Top brands know this, and that's why they tell stories in their marketing videos. You should do the same. 

As outlined by  Facebook: “Your video ad shouldn’t be longer or shorter than it takes to tell your story well, so create a storytelling arc from the first frame to the last that keeps your audience interested along the way.”

  • Use Excellent Intro

To get and keep your viewer's attention, the first ten seconds of your video are crucial. Ensure your video content is structured in a way that you do not keep the best for the last. If your video must be profitable to you and your audience, your story must be lit from the very start. This would assure the viewer that they won't end up wasting their precious time. Creating a hook (a quick preview of the whole video) is not a bad idea.

  • Use Fascinating Thumbnails

Thumbnails easily can draw viewers' attention to your video or do otherwise. YouTube and Facebook offer you an opportunity to add thumbnails to your video. Maximize this opportunity. In choosing your Youtube thumbnails, do not use blurry images. A high-resolution thumbnail suggests to the viewer that your video is of low quality.

  • Strategically Call To Action

Calls to action (CTA) make your videos interactive and engaging. CTAs can include getting viewers to follow / like your social media platform, subscribe to your YouTube channel, make their comments, watch other videos, or share your video.

Strategically place your CTAs either at the beginning, middle, or end of your video. Discretion is crucial to know where you think is the best location.

Step 4: Optimize Search Options

An unoptimized video would get lost in the over 3.5 billion searches on YouTube monthly. Searches are also in their billions on Google and Facebook, so optimization is very important.

Use YouTube Analytics to check the words that suggest your channel in Traffic Sources to viewers. Google Trends and Google Ads’ Keyword Planner are other tools you can explore to determine your marketing video's best keywords.

You Can Optimize Your Channel by using the main keywords for your title and adding a description to your post.

Step 5: Join forces with other influences and brands.

Look out for trusted brands and influencers in your niche and collaborate with them. Customers might not completely trust you yet, but they can take what your collaborator says about your hook, line, and sinker. You can also widen your reach with this partnership.

In Conclusion 

Social Media Marketing on YouTube by using video marketing strategies, tricks, and tools tells the world what you have to offer.

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