Boost Your Company Image on Twitter With These 5 Cost-effective Marketing tactics

Boost Your Company Image on Twitter With These 5 Cost-effective Marketing tactics

Businesses of today are competitive. To succeed, it should be noted that one must obtain and maintain the edge over other competitors. This is where being able to navigate through social media networks come into play as things change rapidly. Having background knowledge of how to promote a business on a social media platform like Twitter cannot be overemphasized.  You can boost your company image on Twitter with key cost-effective marketing tactics.

The reason why individuals turn to social media platforms is to reach a wider audience at the same time.  Using Twitter can boost a company's image and create a whole lot of awareness. To gain more information, click here.

A company can also boost their image on Twitter with these five cost-effective marketing tricks below.

1. Select the ideal handle, profile, photo, and header image

Having a Twitter handle that cannot easily be tagged is not a good strategy for boosting business. As a company that aspires to be at the very top, it is important that the handle created is memorable and easy to search by prospective clients. It is a good trait to be unique and to keep the company's name the same across various social media profiles.


For a company that just commenced operations, it is essential that the Twitter handle created should be close or if not similar to the brand name. Avoid any irrelevant numbers or any sort of punctuation marks. A prospective client might find it difficult to mention businesses that have an enormous amount of characters due to the limit of each tweet.

2. Create a bio that reveals a brand identity

Having a bio that stands out and gives a good impression of a brand is very important. It should have enough details as a Twitter bio has a 160 character limit to persuade a visitor into viewing the company's profile further. Even though a company might want to stand out, it should not be too voluminous as a simple sentence can be appreciated. It has to state the relevant information. Some few elements to keep in mind when a company wants to create a bio are:

  • Keep it detailed. Explain to people what the company brand entails.  
  • Have a good sense of humor when creating it. A few jokes can come in handy or better still, just be original. 
  • Show a bit of confidence. If the company has some accomplishments, then clearly say it and be bold while listing it.

Together these items can help boost your company image on Twitter.

3. Reduce the number of hashtags and use the right ones

When a tweet has a hashtag attached, it clearly creates more attention than when left plain. One thing is using the right hashtag, and the other is avoiding excessive use. Try as much as possible to include the right one that can add some context to a tweet.

In addition, a company can include a tool like the Hastagify to assist in getting the right hashtag for a tweet. This tool is a powerful tool as it brings out keywords that can be related to the hashtags created or, better still, hashtags related to the keywords entered. It can also be a good form of decision-making tool as it determines the hashtag's strength before one can use them to tweet.

4. Have some advanced searches run

As a company that wants to boost its popularity, it should be a goal that feedback about people's opinions be take seriously. Having an audience's opinion about a business is important as people would state how they feel about the brand, and this impacts their buying decisions.

To achieve this, the company can use the Twitter advanced search. Rather than sending promotional tweets, the company can decide to find potential clients by searching through industry-specific terms. When this is done, as a company, they can rest assured that at least a tweet about the brand or related to the brand can pop up either about the services needed or a customer complaining about services rendered. Lastly, it is essential to have an image added to a tweet as it boosts retweets.

5. Connect with influencers for more exposure

A company's image can be boosted through the use of influencers. These people have a lot of followers. By simply reaching out to them and convincing them to buy into the idea, the brand's world can rapidly rise and change of fortune with one single post. It should be noted that when a company wants to decide to choose an influencer, they should look for the ones that are there for the specific industry the brand falls into. Some might have liked a previous post about the company's brands, or the brand may have liked some of theirs. If the company is confident about the influencer, they can simply send a DM to promote it.


There it is, a company just needs to follow the tactics mentioned above to boost your company image on Twitter, and by doing so, they can create a pathway to ongoing success.

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