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LinkedIn is the top online social platform where people are more professional and focused on business. Companies and organizations showcase their abilities and services through their profile and posts in a manner that makes it favorable to attract clients, employees, and partners. LinkedIn launched its own live video streaming service, LinkedIn Live, in February 2019. Major corporations were excited about the service, and it was a massive hit in the market for many. Nowadays, businesses are using LinkedIn Live to expand their market base by using this reliable live video communication tool.

How does it work?

With LinkedIn Live, users create their live-stream content using third-party streaming tools. Then they proceed to broadcast on their LinkedIn pages. It works just like live versions of other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. However, in a more professional setting as you reach out to a specific network of peers and clients.

Leveraging LinkedIn Live to Grow Your Business

To use the platform's Live Streaming feature, you must first apply for approval. Approval is not guaranteed and the waitlist seems to be lengthy. After you have been approved, you'll receive a notification email and a redirect to LinkedIn's approved live streaming platforms. Pick one to register an account and connect the service to your own/business LinkedIn account.

Once you're through setting up the streaming tool, you're good to start live videos and connect with your market. Growing your business from the ground up will take time, and it requires the right brand-building strategies.

There are several ways in which you can tap into the benefits of LinkedIn Live Streaming. You can build a following, grow your brand, and attract recurring customers. Below is how you can achieve these.

Virtual events become easy

A virtual event going live on your LinkedIn page is the best thing that could happen to your business. First, you can be sure the right people are viewing and communicating back to you in real-time. Unlike the traditional videos where you wait for people to watch and respond, a live stream makes engagement easy and convenient. People can take action, such as buy your products or subscribe to your services while you're hosting the live event.

Support your recruiting efforts

LinkedIn is an online resume for your business, and you can make your company stand out with a live recruiting session. Bring your team on board as they discuss how amazing it is to work in your company. This will not only attract great talent, but your potential clients are also watching. They will take note of the services you offer and how reliable your team is.

Showcase your expertise

Hosting weekly LinkedIn Livestreams where you go deep about the services you offer, answer clients' questions, or even educate your peers and prospects will go a long way in building your brand. People want to see the value in you and what you can offer before signing up for a premium service. They want to know your market knowledge before they trust you with their business or money.

Launch your Products/services

Are you looking to launch a brand new product or service? LinkedIn Live will get the job done in a professional and business-like manner. You should also go live on other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, to create a larger impact.

According to statistics by LinkedIn marketing solutions, live broadcasters see seven times more reactions and twenty-four times more comments than native videos using the same LinkedIn accounts. This shows that connections and engagements are most active when communities gather in real-time.

LinkedIn is more of a professional space, and as you would expect, LinkedIn Live streamers are going to be those professional connections you've built over the years. These include co-workers, prospective clients, and your customers. With that business focus in mind, the Livestream content should have a business focus and serve to add value to the LinkedIn community as a way to build trust for your brand and reach new audiences.

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