Best Productivity Tools For Hybrid Work Spaces

Hybrid Work

Traditional workspaces are quickly transforming into hybrid environments where office-based workers coexist with remote workers. For many workplaces, it is the logical transition post-pandemic. Unsurprisingly, both employees and employers love the new trend. Employees love the flexibility as they can work from the office or check in from home. It enables them to save on commuting, spend more time around their families, and enjoy a better work-life balance. Meanwhile, employees are excited by the potential for increased worker productivity, longer working hours, and reduced overhead.

Below are seven popular tools both teams can adopt to boost hybrid workforce productivity.

Zoom (for e-conferencing)

Let’s begin with Zoom, the popular tool many people have been using to communicate with team members and collaborate on projects over the past few years. Zoom provides a seamless and secure video environment where companies can bring their project teams together. Additionally, users have access to vital conferencing tools, including Chat, Zoom Phone, Video Webinars, and Rooms. These tools enable teams to collaborate virtually without the need for additional resources.

Microsoft Teams (for communication)

Microsoft Teams is a central hub where project teams can communicate with each other and collaborate without traditional bottlenecks. The key features include a chat function, document sharing, tools for online meetings, and screen sharing. You can also look forward to document storage in Share Point, audio conferencing, and full telephony support. Microsoft Teams is also straightforward and easy to use on any device.

Basecamp (for project management)

Hybrid workforces also need project management tools for planning, pipeline forecasting, improved team collaboration, and balanced resource management. Basecamp is one of the best project management apps available. It simplifies complex tasks into separate projects and comes with comprehensive features. Features include; messaging boards, scheduling, to-do lists, file storage, and group chats for faster task completion. It even has automatic check-in questions for security. Additionally, you can assign tasks per person, so users only see their current tasks.

Zendesk (helpdesk app)

Zendesk is one of the best help desk applications. It enables project teams to track support team metrics and has been shown to reduce resolution time by up to 16%. The application also allows organizations to automatically solve 69% of support tickets. Thus, freeing up valuable time and resources for profit-generating areas of the business. Zendesk also has a web widget so you can provide enhanced customer support on all platforms.

TMetric (for timekeeping)

Time is precious in hybrid work environments as the pressure to keep up with tasks can be overwhelming. TMetric solves your time tracking worries by allowing the organization to track time spent on each task. It can also track employee attendance and time off, track offline workers, and set project rates and budgets based on time worked. You can also generate relevant reports on-demand.)

Calendar (scheduling app)

Finally, hybrid workplaces can also benefit from a dedicated scheduling app. Calendar ticks all the boxes and is simple to download and set up. More importantly, it offers multiple valuable features to boost productivity and enhance efficiency. For instance, it has an address book that automatically syncs contacts. It also features reminders, event management features, and data sharing functionality.


There are so many business apps available on the market. However, to boost productivity and enhance collaboration among your hybrid workforce consider the apps above. These apps are some of the best available in terms of cost, usability, and functionality. Empower your hybrid workers today!

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