Make Your Lead Follow Up Easy With Hubspot Sidekick

Make Your Lead Follow-up Easy With Hubspot Sidekick 4

Hubspot is well known for their online marketing software, and their tool, Sidekick, provides another way to make business marketing life easier.  Sidekick integrates with Gmail and other email clients and is available for users of the Chrome browser, as well as for iPhones and iPads.

Overview of Features:

  • Displays contact profile information for any email address
  • Allows businesses to schedule an individual email to be sent at a specific future time
  • Shows when an individual email has been opened

Hubspot Sidekick provides significant value for businesses who use it as part of their sales funnel or lead generation strategy, enabling tracking of individual emails, formerly an option only available in bulk sending email marketing.

Below we'll dig deeper into Sidekick's key features.

Profile Information

Make Your Lead Follow-up Easy With Hubspot Sidekick 3

Creating an efficient workflow is an important part of a business' operations. Instead of clicking through to a customer management system to pull up vital information on a prospect, Sidekick brings the information directly into Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple Mail. Sidekick goes where you are. It uses information from Hubspot and Salesforce, if available, to provide vital data. Sidekick also displays a history of previous sent and tracked mail per contact. This "conversation log" keeps correspondence on track and relevant.

Email Scheduling

Make Your Lead Follow-up Easy With Hubspot Sidekick 3

Sometimes it takes multiple connections to get some type of response from a lead. Instead of manually sending out emails or setting up a generic auto-responder campaign, Sidekick allows companies to customize the emails for each lead. Sidekick makes it easy to pay special attention to high-value leads who need more targeted information. Businesses can also set reminders, so they know when to send an email so the lead doesn't feel overwhelmed or unduly pressured.

It's also great if you're working after hours. Schedule your email to go out during your next work day. Then potential clients don't get the idea you're available after work hours.

Email Read Notifications

Make Your Lead Follow-up Easy With Hubspot Sidekick 2

This is the biggest key in my mind...Sidekick makes it easy for a business to find out when an email is opened. Sidekick tracks emails, so the company knows when they've been opened and what device is used. If people are reading emails on mobile devices, the email format and style can be altered to be more mobile friendly.

Sidekick is a no-brainer addition to the marketing toolkit of businesses already using Hubspot products. Even if you're not using Hubspot, this is an excellent way of adding intelligent business tracking and efficiency tools to your normal email  efforts. Available with a robust free version, Sidekick just makes sense to try!

Email scheduling is a handy feature and and being able to see when a prospective client opens an email from you will allow you to follow up immediately with the next email in a nurture series.   All of this makes Sidekick a great tool for small business.

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