Tips for Using Tech to Empower Remote Working

Tips and apps for working remotely

As working from home becomes more popular and even necessary, companies should begin learning to use tech to empower remote working for their employees. As organizations grapple with the fact that it is time to let employees work from anywhere, this new trend has caused distress to traditional management and made it more complicated. This is especially true for companies that use outdated processes. Without a doubt, technology is at the core of a productive and empowered remote workforce. As such, employers should consider the following tech tips to empower their remote workers.

Promote Human Connection

Ensuring active engagement has always remained the primary IT focus for remote employees. Companies should introduce and implement effective collaboration tools. Such as conferencing and mobile messaging apps to facilitate human connection, just as they would in physical offices. IT departments should see that these applications are installed and properly functioning to ensure strong team connection and collaboration.

Among the many tools that can be leveraged to facilitate human connection, are;

  • Slack for communication – instant messaging is vital for effective collaboration. While email can be used, it isn’t suitable for conversations but it is best for sharing files. However, slack users can make multiple channels for specific departments, such as marketing, management, sales, and a Friday beer club as well. Members of the channel can communicate freely without distracting other employees. Skype and Zoom are also excellent for file sharing and video calling simultaneously.
  • Google Drive for file organization – everything that can be done with MS Office, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, can be done with Google Docs. It is convenient, easy to use, and intuitive.
  • Asana for task management – to achieve your company goals, monitoring employee task progress is important. With Asana, you can create and assign tasks to specific remote employees, add extra notes, and due dates, and interact with them in one area around the work needs.

2. Allow Personal Devices at Work

It is time companies appreciate the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, which is becoming increasingly popular. The majority of professional workers spend tea and lunch breaks on their phones. Besides, a good percentage of employees would prefer working from devices other than their work laptops. The BYOD model has been linked to increased employee productivity compared to the use of computers, especially for Gen Y employees.

Millennials, who make up the majority of the current workforce, spend most of their time glued to their devices. As such, allowing your remote employees to use their own devices for work increases engagement by providing unlimited autonomy to work when and how they want. The BYOD system certainly has its own associated drawbacks and security issues; companies should take the necessary steps to prevent such mishaps.

3. Provide Accessible Corporate Applications

Remote employees will undoubtedly face difficulties if they can’t access all the necessary corporate applications required to complete their work timely. Companies should leverage tech to ensure that vital company applications can be accessed with ease remotely. This should guarantee maximum functionality, speed, and visualization to all employees.

Organizations should be flexible from the classic IT mode, which involves locking down company devices and ensuring that employees cannot access or use applications outside the corporate portfolio. Provide access to remote teams to apps that will help them with note-taking, mind mapping, and other tools that will make them productive.

There are countless guides and insights on how to empower your workers on the internet. However, despite the presence of these articles, there is no “one method fits it all” way to manage and empower remote working. Of all the strategies, there are best and worse approaches. However, getting the best from your team is down to you. As such, try various alternatives while adapting and explore various tips. Invest some time in figuring out the best tech strategy that suits your company operations and your remote workers.

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