The Best Business AI Apps for Saving Time and Increasing Productivity

Artificial Intelligence: Best AI apps for business.

Artificial intelligence, which was once deemed futuristic, is now becoming commonplace. This has made it possible for businesses to improve productivity in the current digital world. AI tools are perfect for businesses and organizations that are constantly searching for ways to increase work efficiency with minimal labor and expenditure. One of the most popular AI tools is productivity apps. Productivity apps are applications or software that make work easier and enable users to complete their tasks within a shorter duration. Below are some productivity and time-saving AI apps you should consider for your business.

Best Business AI Apps for Saving Time and Increasing Productivity

1. Timely

Timely is a powerful AI time tracking app designed to track your daily activities. It also groups tasks into projects automatically. Using a time tracking app boosts productivity by showing how much time is spent on various small activities. These small activities often add up to many hours each week.

The Timely app has a reliable and easy-to-use interface that works seamlessly on all devices. It assigns tasks to project blogs and classifies them automatically. Like other AI-powered apps, the more you use this app, the more accurate it becomes in assigning and classifying items.

2. Conversion.AI

Writer's block is a common challenge for many copywriters, digital marketers, and scriptwriters at some stage. If you have experienced this before, artificial intelligence, through Conversion.AI, makes it possible to overcome it easier than ever before. Also called Jarvis, this AI-powered software enables you to get started on your blog posts, product reviews, and other content simply by choosing a template.

You should then fill in the title, type, and best tone for the content piece. While this tool won't replace copywriters, it is a collaboration tool that helps overcome writer's block and provides out-of-box inspirations for copywriters. Many writers use Conversion.AI to creatively inspire them when feeling uninspired.

3. AgoraPulse

Social media platforms have made it easier for brands and businesses to market their products and services. It is now easy for businesses to interact with their customers and target audience through these apps. However, managing your social media presence across multiple platforms is a big challenge, especially if you have to respond to user comments.

Fortunately, several AI apps, such as AgoraPulse, have made it easy to post content on social platforms within a short time. AgoraPulse allows digital marketers to run multiple social platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, simultaneously from the same dashboard. You can also reply to user comments on different platforms from the tool without separately logging into each platform and switching apps.

That aside, AgoraPulse scheduling feature makes it a must-have if you want to improve productivity. You can schedule social media posts in advance, allowing you to pre-plan content.

4. Fireflies

Taking notes during your online meeting is not a simple task. Fortunately, Fireflies, an AI-powered note-taking application, can make your life easier. The app assigns its assistant, Fred, to handle the tedious task of writing notes during your meeting. Simply use this tool by inviting "Fred" into meetings that you want to record and transcribe.

"Fred" will join the meeting from the beginning and record everything said during the meeting. With this, you can revisit the discussion and dig for useful information that you might have missed at the time.

5. Crayon

You should expect tough competition from other vendors regardless of your industry. However, to grow your business, you should research the various strategies used by your competitors. Unfortunately, tracking these activities manually is tedious and time-consuming. This is where Crayon comes in.

This AI-powered intelligence app saves you time and effort. It gathers and analyzes every step taken by your competitors. It also compiles data from various channels into a single dashboard to ease competitor analysis. Researching has never been this simple!


There are multiple ways of using AI to improve productivity and save time in your business. Regardless of the task at hand, there is no simple and shorter way to make your work easier than using business AI apps and tools for business productivity.

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