Jamboard for Digital Brainstorming: Now in Google Suite

Jamboard-for-Digital-Brainstorming_-Now-in-Google-Suite-315No more frantically looking for a dry erase marker that works. No more writing "Save" at the top of your afternoon brainstorm session. The arrival of Jamboard to Google Suite completely changes the game. That old whiteboard in your office is about to get replaced by a 55" 4k display high-tech whiteboard. One that doesn't need markers and saves directly to the cloud.

Jamboard has joined Google Suite, a cloud-based series of Google’s famous applications launched in 2006. It joins communication apps Gmail, Hangouts and Google+, storage app Drive and Google’s Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Sites.

Collaboration Redefined

At its core, Google Suite is about helping you work better together, and Jamboard takes that mission to its next logical step. Conference calls, online meetings and video conferencing have their limitations. Jamboard breaks another wall down, letting your team work together seamlessly, in the same room or from any other point on planet Earth.

Creativity isn't confined to the wall any longer, either. With a single cord setup on a custom-designed cart, Jamboard's "whiteboard" moves with you.

More Than Words

Going way beyond the collaborative effect of old-school whiteboards, Jamboard is more than just a conducive writing surface. It interacts with the other members of Google Suite, allowing you to import pictures, attach "sticky notes," and pull things from the web on to the huge 55" surface.

When it's time for the next "jam," there's no need to try conventional methods to save your progress. Just save it to Drive, and you can pick up where you left off without needing to divide valuable whiteboard space.

From a Distance

Even if parts of your team can't be in the room, they can still be a part of the collaboration via phone or tablet. And there's no need to worry about conflicting operating systems. The Jamboard app is cross-platform, working on both iOS and Android. Jams can be moved from one board to another as well via the cloud.

The Jamboard app also allows a user to "claim" the Jamboard when they walk in the room, immediately adding Google Suite content to get the jam going.

Under the Hood

The Jamboard comes to life on a 55" Ultra HD 4K touch display. Out of the box, it runs a variant of Android Marshmallow as it’s operating system. It also features a built-in wide-angle HD video camera, a mic, speakers, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB Type C, HDMI 2.0, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, and NFC. Google Cast is also on board to allow streaming to the surface. A Nvidia Jetson TX1 is embedded to control the Jamboard.

Two white stylus pens are included but not necessary to draw on the surface, and a mouse-like device acts as an eraser.

Jamboard is available now to take your team's collaboration to the next level.


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