Facebook Launches Competitor to Zoom


The current coronavirus pandemic has left most people confined to their homes. Consequently, individuals and organizations are forced to hold meetings online. Due to this, the video conferencing industry is experiencing an increase in demand. Video conferencing has become a staple in most homes as the primary way to keep up with school, work, and family.

While it has been a popular video conferencing tool, Zoom has experienced some troubles. Recently, it has been a target for cyber-attacks with a reported case of meeting disruption with racist and racy content.

This has led to people seeking other options for video conferencing. And why Facebook has launched a viable new option and competitor to Zoom called Messenger Rooms.

All about the Messenger Rooms

The live video conferencing tool will rival the dominant Zoom platform. Messenger Rooms will allow you to enjoy video conference services with up to 50 participants at once.

The best part is that you can invite people who don’t have Facebook accounts, and it’s free.

Facebook has great potential to reach a much wider audience since it’s messaging apps; WhatsApp and Messenger, have seen a rise in voice and video calls. The two platforms are recording an average of 700 million video calls daily.

Facebook is rolling out Messenger Rooms on Facebook and Messenger apps right now. It also plans to integrate this feature with WhatsApp and Instagram Direct. In other words, your friends can join your 'room' without necessarily having to download any new application. Meeting Rooms allow you to start and share Rooms through Facebook Groups, Events, and News Feed sections.

5 compelling features of Messenger Rooms a Competitor to Zoom

Changing Filters and Backgrounds

Messenger Rooms comes with Facebook’s Augmented Reality tools, allowing you to change the background and add desired filters.  For instance, you can add digital candles on your birthday using the AR effects. What’s more, you can incorporate a 360-degree background view.

Facebook understands how important lighting is for enhancing video quality. Messenger Rooms comes with 14 different camera filters that enhance participants’ facial appearance and space with ambient light.

Privacy Considerations

With Messenger Rooms, your videos are private but are not end to end encrypted. Facebook won’t view or listen to them (note WhatsApp videos are encrypted).

You can also lock chats to prevent disruptions from uninvited guests. Additionally, you can easily remove misbehaving participants during the conversation.

Available in iOS and Android Version

Messenger Rooms is available for Android, iOS, and web versions. The ability to use it on macOS, Windows OS, and Chrome OS make it readily accessible to everyone. The best part is that you don’t have to download a separate app. Messenger Rooms are embedded in the Messenger app.

Free of Cost

Facebook Messenger Rooms is free of charge. This feature sets it apart from most video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom.

You don’t have to pay for features, as is the case with most video conferencing platforms. While Zoom has a free version, it restricts its premium features to paid versions.

Long Video Duration

Although Messenger Rooms restricts the number of participants to 50, you have the freedom to hold a meeting for an unlimited length of time.

Other video conferencing platforms limit the length of the video meeting. For instance, the free tier of Zoom video conferencing only allows 40 minutes.

Video Conferencing is Now Much Easier!

Messenger Rooms, a competitor to Zoom, is the latest entrant in the video conferencing industry. While security and privacy concerns are surrounding Zoom, Messenger Rooms doesn’t listen or record calls. You can rest assured that your privacy and information are safe and secure.

Also, you can report rooms if they violate Community Standards set by Facebook. Without a doubt, Messenger Rooms is making it easier to hold a meeting online, and saving you money.


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