Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, and Customer Care Highlight Social Media Marketing World 2017

Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, and Customer Care were highlighted topics at the recent Social Media Marketing World annual conference that brought over 3,000 marketers together in San Diego, California.

Each year the key focus is on what is happening in social media and what is working best today.  These four items stood out as keys that many referenced and spoke on at #SMMW17 this year.


In this episode, I dive into my key takeaways and tips gleaned from over 3000+ marketers who descended upon the convention center in San Deigo.  Ready to dive in and get the tips?

Ready to dive in?

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Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, and Customer Care Highlight Social Media Marketing World 2017 Video

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What a highlight to spend time with over 3000 marketers focused on social media at this year's social media examiner social media marketing World 2017.  The overarching key topics that I heard again and again were Facebook, Instagram, live video, and customer care.

In this episode of my Halftime Mike podcast I want to dive into each of those in more detail and share what I gleaned from the conference, both from sessions as well as the tremendous interactions with peers in the industry....sometimes it was the dinner conversations that delivered the most valuable information!

What you need to know about Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, and Customer Care from the Conference:

1. Facebook

Facebook was a hot topic and in particular Facebook Ads, Live Video, and Messenger.

Facebook Ads continue to evolve in targeting options, types (video!), and in locations.  Did you know you can use Facebook Ads on the web?

Live video continues to evolve.  I discuss more about that specifically below but even in the last week the ability to go live from desktop and now since the conference the ability to invite another person into the live stream so you can do dual-live broadcasts is rolling out.

Facebook is innovating and is here to stay.  Stories for Facebook just launched and is a direct threat to Snapchat.  Watch for more rollouts to Messenger, including a key new arena called Chatbots.

2. Instagram

Owned and part of the "Facebook Family of Apps", the consensus at the conference was what I've been saying...Instagram is on the rise as a social network and business marketing opportunity!

Sessions focused on Instagram Stories (including Live), setting up a killer Instagram Business Profile (Jenn Herman), using the carousel images in posts, and the ability to "Promote" ads within Instagram (tied to your Facebook Ads account and audiences!).

Tip time on Instagram Stories...Use Stories to Introduce:

  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Special offers / promotions

Stories last 24 hours but can help you gain awareness and drive traffic.

3. Live Video

The consensus was that it's still in the early stages but really represents the future.  Your company becomes it's own media company.  There is still plenty of time to jump in for mainstream small businesses and still be "early."

Facebook, Instagram and Periscope and the mainstays for live.  Periscope was first but has lost ground to the others.  Periscope itself may go away and just be the live video portion of parent Twitter.

Instead of TV ads, you now create your own "infomercial" that is compete with content and your pitch.  Chalene Johnson even did a keynote presentation on the concept of Live Video as the new social infomercial tool that is the next evolution of the television infomercial.

4. Customer care

A theme I heard often was "relationship marketing".  It's not about slick campaigns at the end of the day but about people connecting with and buying from other people.  I talk about that every week with Jessika Phillips on our Magnet Marketers Live Show so it was good to see this picking up steam in other sessions.

A keynote related to customer care that stood out was Joey Coleman's keynote on "The First 100 Days."  It was interesting to hear the stats on customer attrition and how the first 100 days are so key, and that a 5% reduction in clients leaving for a company can yield 25-100% more profits!  Wow!

His focal point was that the first 100 days is very critical for establishing equity and the "wow" needed to sustain a client for the long haul.  Often we overlook the fact that "buyer remorse" can set in and you need to pour into the relationship early on to give the relationship a deep level of equity that can sustain it over the longer term.

I loved his ideas about gifts, video, and snail mail being part of your early 100 days mix.  How can you add value to your new and existing client relationships?


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