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Thanks to the innovative techniques and revolutionary marketing strategies, entrepreneurs have better access to global markets. Social media is no longer limited to building contacts and finding entertainment. It also offers pretty lucrative opportunities to business people who want to expand their customer reach. The growth of blogs and websites further prove this fact. And the increased the demand for competent, engaging content has only added to the intense competition.

Read on to learn more about the different aspects of online marketing and the tools and techniques you can implement to maximise your profits.

A brief history of digital marketing

It was all so easy back in 2008 when Facebook and Twitter were the only platforms for digital marketing. It was a time when Google Ads and emails were the pinnacles of promotional strategies for a company. All that changed with the automation of the digital marketing tools. Now entrepreneurs are better equipped for the changing dynamics, and can channel traffic better. Aided by the knowledge and expertise of transparent digital marketing agencies, and empowered by automation tools, marketers can achieve significantly more than ever before.

Cloud source for social media marketing

Gone are the days when the cloud was just known for its unlimited storage capacity. Today it is among the most versatile and robust platforms for business through apps! From content marketing to SEO development, you can do it all here. You can reach out to more people, build contacts, share information all in the cloud!

Some cloud-based marketing automation tools


Pardot is a B2B marketing tool that boosts sales and enhances your reach in the virtual world. CRM integration, collecting leads, promotional emails, and other activities reduce the sales cycle and ensure the maximum profit.

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is a cross-channel marketing solution ideal for B2B enterprises. Marketers can now plan and execute their campaigns and automated promotional strategies while maintaining a personal touch for building customer relations.


This cloud-based platform helps marketers organise and monitor their promotional strategies, formulate new and better policies and build integrated marketing and sales reporting for calculating the reach and standing of the website.


HubSpot is perfect for clients who want to target specific markets and build solid contacts. It helps you focus on specific groups thereby establishing a robust network of leads and potential customers. It even maintains systematic records of the social profiles and other details about each customer. You can even connect to all other HubSpot marketers here. If you are considering going for this tool, checking out HubSpot pricing might help you make your decision.


Ideally suited for small and medium scale organisations that want to make it big in the industry, Lead Squared offers simple and effective marketing solutions. It manages your marketing and sales activities allowing you to analyse marketing policies, capture leads from emails, social media and other sources and generate revenue.


You can now outwit, outnumber and out market the competition to improving your page ranking and reach. This cloud-based market automation tool is effective for entrepreneurs who need a comprehensive solution for all their marketing campaigns. You can manage landing pages, stats, press outreach, media management and other stuff in a single platform.


With Marketo entrepreneurs and web developers can conduct extensive market research. It even creates an integrated framework of all events, marketing campaigns, emails and other offline tools helping you prioritise and track the performance of your business online.

Some great SEO tools

A strong web presence can work wonders for your business! Check out these revolutionary SEO analytic tools:

Raven Tools

Clients can create and manage reports on all marketing campaigns. These policies are made keeping in mind the SEO, PPC and social media presence of the website.

SEM Rush

Using SEM Rush users can keep a track on the popular keywords thereby increasing their visibility and online ranking. You can monitor the keyword usage on all platforms, both paid and organic


With Moz, businesses get to see the total picture. The interactive platform and easy to use design helps you gather all your marketing strategies, and SEO campaigns. This comprehensive platform helps you monitor all your promotional activities in one place.


A competent content performance tool, BrightEdge allows users to measure the SEO of their websites and identify the problem areas. This tool also gives you practical solutions for SEO development thereby improving your web presence


From keyword identification to content correction and SEO management, with MarketMuse you can do it all! It even helps you to compare your online ranking and keep an eye out for competitors


gShift is an excellent tool for marketers who want to know where they stand in the industry. It analyses the marketing strategies of your website looking for loopholes in the system. Such valuable insights can boost your brand’s online credibility and presence considerably.


With SerpStat you get a look at the cut-throat competition. This competitive analytic tool conducts market surveys and research based on SEO performance.

Social media management and analytics

All the marketing and promotional strategies go down the drain if you don’t have a competent and practical managerial framework to control it all. Here are some efficient management tools that help entrepreneurs get a better hang of things:


With Curalate one can identify the trending visual content on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. You'll understand user preferences and demands better.


Socialbakers is all about creating reports and gathering valuable statistical data to gauge your website’s reach across the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc.


With Visible you can not only post content but also analyse, monitor and engage in other posts on a variety of topics across many social media platforms.


As the name suggest this tool boosts the website’s reach and appeal on the social media. It tracks the website’s performance helping you identify the problem areas and work on them. With CrowdBooster you can build contacts and convert leads to actual sales.


The visually appealing and easy to understand interface of Nuvi's offers businesses real-time data on the latest trendsetters ruling the industry. The simple representation of data makes it easy for users to analyse and promote their content.


The immediate real-time functionality of this tool helps you identify the trending topics of the day long before they actually become popular. Thus it helps you enhance your posts reach improving its visibility on the social media.


With TrackMaven entrepreneurs can track their social media activities on one platform. This simplifies management and helps you monitor the competition.

Simply Measured

True to its name, this social media tool simply helps you create a comprehensive report on the website’s performance across nine different social networking platforms. You can even measure the content’s reachability and effectiveness.


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