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Tools for Instagram - 315(1)Thought of as a platform for sharing inspirational experiences and quirky personal encounters, Instagram shouldn't be overlooked by businesses! With more than 400 million monthly users it is a fast-growing social media platform with a number of new business features.

To help your business get established on Instagram, and to manage your presence as it grows, third-party tools can be invaluable to help you post, follow, and share so your business can connect with your audience there and not always need to do it from a mobile device. Let’s review eight tools that help you manage key areas of an Instagram account.


This tool can help you manage your Instagram following, on the web or your smartphone. Use it to find, identify and manage your company's followers and non-followers, to locate who's interested in your products and services, and who isn't.  Furthermore, It gives guided direction on the right type of people to follow.

Social Insight

If you're a big believer in analytics, you'll love this tool. Social Insight is web-based.  It presents in-depth analytics on all interactions and engagements, follower growth, and on un-follower trends. Consequently, you'll be able to identify the best times to post on Instagram based on past reception. You'll know when to post and whom to engage with for best value.


This Facebook-centered tool allows you to showcase your Instagram account on your Facebook page or even embed it on your website.  It’s a way to bring what you are doing on Instagram to your other key website or social media assets.


Gets right to the heart of your marketing goals, and encourages your Instagram fans to start shopping. Your followers will see a Tapshop page of products linked to your own product pages. Collect email addresses, clicks, links, and orders from your Tapshop page.

This handy tool will schedule your Instagram posts and notifies you that your scheduled post published. You may find the 'search & repost' feature useful. It allows you to search the web for content and re-post it.


Run interactive promotions and make use of content generated by your Instagram followers. Use Offerpop to create sweepstakes, promotions, and generate sampling programs. This tool can generate exclusive offers for loyal customers, display branded content and ads, create content galleries which can be shopped by users, track sales performance, and export lead data to your company's CRM system.


Use AgoraPulse on mobile or the web. It’s a Chrome extension allows you to share your favorite images quickly and easily on Instagram, and schedule to publish at peak viewer time. Managing more than one Instagram account? Use AgoraPulse to monitor all your Instagram and social media accounts from one dashboard. Track your audience growth, engagement, and the awareness of your brand with AgoraPulse analytic tools.


Hootsuite allows you to upload, schedule and publish images and videos to Instagram. In addition, use its dashboard to monitor and engage with your followers, competitors, and #hashtags. Do you manage several Instagram accounts? Use HootSuite to manage them all from one place. In addition, you can communicate and assign messages and tasks to team members inside the HootSuite dashboard.

Prices vary per took but each has its place in helping a business maximize what they are doing on Instagram.  Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a rapidly expanding social media platform that is growing in all age demographics, specifically in use by those 30+.

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