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A Guide to Better Design for Recruitment Websites

November 9, 2021
Recruiter websites typically have a niche audience. After all, those visiting the website are there for one specific purpose; finding a job. You might assume that this makes it difficult to design for these types of websites. The truth, however, is that this narrow specialization actually makes everything a lot easier. Your recruitment web design […]

SEO Crash Course for HVAC Websites - Rank Your HVAC Website on Google

July 18, 2021
Online visibility is mandatory for success in the HVAC industry. The greater your traffic, you will generate more leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the strategy that more companies in the sector use to improve their website’s presence. It helps to ensure a top spot on the primary search engine results pages (SERP). Check out […]

6 Winning Strategies For News Websites In The New Normal

April 1, 2021
The unprecedented impact of the coronavirus extends to every industry and must be combated with winning strategies. Online publications are not an exception as news websites struggle to adapt and evolve in the new normal. Although news websites have experienced a pullback in business advertising, everything hasn’t been negative for them. As readers are apprehensive […]

Why Banking Websites Need To Focus On SEO

October 30, 2020
The banking sector has become very competitive in recent days. Many new banks are coming up, and new customers have to be sought out for a bank to stay relevant in the market. One way of reaching many customers in this era of the digital marketing revolution is through having SEO websites. Digital strategies and SEO must […]

Key Website Security Fundamentals for Small Business Websites

September 21, 2020
There is so much you need to know when running a small business. Sometimes it feels like there are more new things you need to understand each day than you can learn. Website security shouldn’t have to be one of these bewildering things. After all, your website is one of the faces of your business […]

Creating Websites That Sell - Design Hacks That Always Win

September 10, 2020
Having an impressive online presence is all about a great website that excels in design and functionality. Considering the massive use of the internet as a selling channel, you cannot afford to ignore this branding element. A website engages the audience, compels them to complete their buying journey, and generates revenues for your business. But […]

10 Best Wine Company Websites in the World

November 18, 2019
Around the world, the average person drinks about one liter of wine a week. Wine is big money-making business, but in order to have a successful wine business, you need to make sure you have a great website. Which wine companies are pacing their competitors when it comes to web design and marketing? Take a […]

Must-Have Features for Business Websites in 2019

January 9, 2019
The online and digital spaces are developing with such rapidity that it’s difficult for companies large and small to keep up with the pace of change. Large companies struggle with their legacy technology, whereas smaller, more agile companies lack the resources to invest in new business websites strategies in the digital era. Nonetheless, a company’s […]

SEO Tips: What Matters Today for Business Websites

March 31, 2016
Staying current on SEO Tips is critical for business success on the web today. The web changes rapidly and SEO changes each year because search engine algorithms change.  A search engine algorithm is the set of rules that a search engine like Google uses to determine what is the "best" search results for a search […]

Search Engine Optimization for Websites - Write for Humans!

January 31, 2009
Here's a good article on Search Engine Optimization. We often want to put in place a bunch of "tactics" that involve the programming but search engines, especially Google, are getting smarter and able to more and more read sites exactly as humans do.  By the way, Google is up in the mid-60's now in marketshare […]

How Much is Your Online Business Worth? Flippa Can Tell You!

December 3, 2021
Valuing your business, especially an online business, is challenging, whether you want to buy or you are the one selling. Like any other business, pricing your online business is tricky as what you think the business is worth and the valuation of the other party can differ significantly. For buyers, the value or worth of […]

Creating your SEO Content Strategy for 2022? Keep these 4 Tactics in Mind

December 3, 2021
Content creation for search engine optimization means you keep SEO in mind while designing your website's entire content marketing process. When you use a proper SEO content strategy to promote your business, you pay attention to creating highly optimized and qualified content so that all the users can find your business through various search engines. In the […]

5 Key Things Your eCommerce Site Needs

December 1, 2021
For businesses that sell and transact online, eCommerce is paramount. An eCommerce site will dictate whether you gain or lose sales. No matter how amazing your product or service is, it won't matter if your website isn't functional. Websites that don't reach customers, lack vital features, or fail during checkout will push consumers away. With […]

How Do eCommerce Businesses Leverage Gamification to Increase Sales?

November 30, 2021
Today, companies from various industries are actively adopting gamification. Strong competition in the market forces companies to look for new approaches to attracting customers and increasing sales. Gamification, in today's market realities, is a real way out for many businesses. Gamification is especially beneficial for eCommerce businesses. The integration of playful elements into the shopping […]

How to Utilize User-Generated Content for Your SEO Strategy

November 30, 2021
User-generated content in this digital period has provided opportunities for many. It helps to push more traffic to commerce sites, therefore boosting sales. Despite having personal networks, many customers rely on other customers’ online reviews to make their own decisions. Online reviews are one of the many forms of how user-generated content can influence your […]

How to make money as a lead generation business?

November 28, 2021
It is possible to make great money if you can deliver quality leads. You can also become a consultant or try to do it with many different businesses. A lead generation company creates, acquires, and delivers leads for another business-customer relationship. The leading customer relationship management (CRM) software providers integrate lead generation capabilities into their […]

How To Raise Money For Real Estate Investing: The Ultimate Guide

November 25, 2021
As with any large financial undertaking, real estate investing involves a lot of processes. In order to do it right and become the most profitable you can be, you need all your ducks in a row, so to speak. The first step is knowing how to raise money for your real estate investments. Once everyone […]

How To Build Quality Backlinks In 4 Easy Steps

November 25, 2021
Quality backlinks are a kind of ‘vote of confidence’ for a website and its content. A third-party website referencing a blog or any other content from a business’s website is basically vouching for the latter’s informative and engaging content. The more third-party websites reference a website’s content, the more reputable it’ll appear before search engines. […]

Understanding The Real Impact Of Your Business On Your Customers

November 24, 2021
We read business advice all of the time. You should do this. You shouldn’t do that. The list goes on, and on! However, it is important to understand the moves you make and the impact that they will genuinely have. If you do ‘x’, what are the consequences really going to be and the real […]

Magneto Trends In 2022- What Does The Coming Year Hold

November 24, 2021
Magneto has become a widely popular open-source eCommerce platform. In the UK, Magneto is famous due to the versatile features it offers to e-commerce businesses. With higher reconversion and traffic rates, Magneto websites are constantly being preferred in the UK. Therefore, the Magento developers UK work faster with the newest trends to meet the expectations […]
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