Must-Have Features for Business Websites in 2019

The online and digital spaces are developing with such rapidity that its difficult for companies large and small to keep up with the pace of change. Large companies struggle with their legacy technology, whereas smaller, more agile companies lack the resources to invest in new business websites strategies in the digital era.

Nonetheless, a companys website is its bastion - its hallmark and calling card. As such, it should be your first focus when considering what changes you might need to make as we head into 2019. Three such changes are listed below.

Interactive and Engaging Design

Given the design trends of recent, it would seem like its time to onboard the web design gurus to help your website stand out from the crowd. Thats because more and more websites are developing exciting new ways with which to impress their visitors, using advanced schemes like scroll-and-move features in their online space to give users a more easy-to-use feel.

This piece of advice, therefore, ranges from the flashy to the downright fundamental - things like optimizing your website for mobile users should be at the very top of your to-do list if its not a capability youve developed for your website already. Meanwhile, the flashier touches are something you should think through with our brand image and ethos in mind - show whatever your company purports to be through this savvy design.

Optimization for Search Engines

The world of SEO is forever making leaps and bounds, and youll continually need to apply yourself to this space to drive increased traffic to your website. This process is altered occasionally by Googles algorithms, which adapt in real time to account for changes in the territory of SEO. Keeping agile throughout 2019 will allow your company to hit that sacred first page of Google results despite these algorithmic changes.

To operate an SEO strategy, its often best to outsource to the professionals whore abreast of these changes and experts in the field of optimization for Google and other search engines. A search engine optimization company like Creatif Digital know exactly how to provide the boost your company is looking for in terms of getting that higher position in search results, driving increased traffic and sales through your company site.

Top E-Commerce Business Websites Solutions

The final item of advice in this quick guide to your 2019 website spring clean is to make sure your e-commerce solutions are as seamless and friction-free as possible. Once a consumer decides to purchase something from your website, wherever they happen to be in the world, you should not be losing their custom due to a poor payments platform set-up on your site.

To rectify this, take a sweeping browse of the e-commerce platforms currently available online in order to see whats out there to boost your sales smoothness. Remember that any fault in the payment journey of a customer is very likely to have them searching elsewhere for your product or service, so youre looking for the most up-to-date and international payments platform possible to integrate with your site.

What’s more, you should also provide numerous payment options so that you do not neglect a certain type of customer. PayPay and debit card payments are usual, but also address eWallet payment options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Alipay.


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