10 Best Wine Company Websites in the World

Best Wine Company websites

Around the world, the average person drinks about one liter of wine a week.

Wine is big money-making business, but in order to have a successful wine business, you need to make sure you have a great website.

Which wine companies are pacing their competitors when it comes to web design and marketing? Take a look at this list of the best wine company websites.

1. Charbono

Charbono is not one of your typical, traditional websites. Instead, it uses multimedia to tell a story.

The website that sits on one-page feels like a mini-documentary rather than a website. The credits after the video will help give you some more information about the company.

For more information, you will have to scroll through the page, forcing you to interact with the story. It's like you are being pulled into the narrative.

Websites that require you to scroll down one long page are becoming more and more popular, but Charbono is just one of the first wine websites to do it.

2. Colorado Wine

Colorado Wine is beautiful while also unique. They manage to have a minimalist website design while also giving you all the information you need.

This website has a wood background, and a lot of the designs were customized specifically for this website.

This company wants to make sure that the users have a memorable and pleasing experience on their website.

"The perfect example of a well-executed design. Colorado Wine’s website is both unique and beautiful, going above and beyond the minimum in its design. The wood background and custom design elements make for an extremely pleasing and memorable experience."

If you need help designing a website like this, you can always hire someone who does web design for wineries.

3. Garden Creek

Garden Creek stands out simply because of the beautiful imagery on its site. The pictures are beautiful, but the font also perfectly complements the tone on this website.

The copywriting is also worth noting on this website. The stories are told in the voice of the winemakers, giving it a more personal feel. It feels almost like a narrative told in the form of an interview.

It really makes you feel like you've known this company and the owners for a long time.

4. Austin Winery

This website will pull you in right away with a full-screen picture of the vineyard grounds. This makes for a beautiful backdrop for the rest of the website.

The design is laid out well, and the animations on this website are useful and not distract. The movement while you scroll helps bring the website to life.

5. Halter Ranch

Halter Ranch also incorporates a lot of beautiful pictures on their website as well.

On their main page, it will cycle through photos of the vineyard and different buildings in their company. The buildings are rustic, but the photographer makes it look elegant and classy.

Another great aspect of this website is that it's easy to use and has a great layout.

6. Hope Family Wines

Hope Family Wines is a good example of how well minimalism can work for a website. On this website, nothing is too overdone, and everything is really subtle.

The color scheme is gray with bright reds to offer a classy, subtle design. It isn't too harsh on the eye and is still easy to read.

They also incorporate great Call to Actions on their website. After you visit their website, they try and get you to engage even more by following and checking out their social media accounts.

7. Gallica Wine

Gallica Wine is also very clean and simple.

The font on this page is a little bit smaller, but it isn't too small that it makes it difficult to read.

Not all websites have to have an overabundance of information. They can be clean and easy to use while still giving the perfect amount of information.

8. Zena Crown

Zena Crown made it on to this list because of the colors that it utilizes and also the filters used on the photos.

The photographs have a grainy, defused kind of filter applied. This helps set the tone of the website and gives you an idea of what the company is like.

This website is proof that your photographs don't have to be perfect; you just have to filter them to fit your mood.

9. Columbia Winery

Columbia Winery makes a point of limiting the navigation choices it offers to its users.

They manage to fit a lot of information in a small amount of space. They want the focus more to be on the wine and what they are selling rather than a lot of other useless information.

10. Concannon Vineyard

Concannon Vineyard is a website that shows you just how great professional photography can really help your website.

They have so many beautiful photos that help their website seem more professional. If you hover over some of the pictures, an overlay with some more information will help give you more information.

To help promote their sales, they have a page where you can also order their wines online. If you don't want to buy it online, there is an option where you can find the wine in a local store.

Find More of the Best Wine Company Websites

These are only a few of the best wine company websites out there.

If you really want to make your own beautiful website, you should look at as many websites as possible. Write down what you like about each website, and then work on designing your own.

If you need more help with marketing, make sure you check out some of our other blog posts!


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