A Guide to Better Design for Recruitment Websites

Better Design for Recruitment Websites

Recruiter websites typically have a niche audience. After all, those visiting the website are there for one specific purpose; finding a job. You might assume that this makes it difficult to design for these types of websites.

The truth, however, is that this narrow specialization actually makes everything a lot easier. Your recruitment web design project needs to be aimed at finding the most suitable candidates. That’s why it only really needs a handful of things:

Professionally-Designed Pages

First impressions are important, both in real life as well as job interviews. Your website’s recruitment page is the first impression of your organization that potential employees see. Make your landing page visually appealing. Use a simple, clean layout that readily offers the information sought by job seekers.

A page visitor takes just seconds, on average, to decide whether or not to stay on your page. If you fail to capture their attention immediately after they land on your website, you can easily lose their interest within seconds.

Give users a simple structure to follow by providing well-positioned buttons and links. These should clearly show the various portions on the recruitment page. Ensure that the navigation structure is straightforward. Don’t create subpage upon subpage when all the necessary information could fit into a single window.

Get a web designer to choose suitable graphic design elements for you. Consider, themes, icons, and fonts that match up with the personality of your brand.

Search Engine Optimized Structure

Having a website that’s visually appealing to human users is one thing. However, making it equally appealing to the search engine algorithms is another. If you have a beautiful-looking website, but it doesn’t rank with the search engines, it won’t do its job of getting your job openings in front of interested individuals.

Optimize your website for searches. Ensure that each page has a title, a meta description, along with keywords that job seekers might be using in their search.

Easy-To-Use Job Board System

It is also important to use an optimized job board. Job boards are key to diversifying your candidate pool. This makes for a great mix of interviewees.

A job board that shows plenty of job openings can be attractive to job seekers. And, while they might not necessarily qualify for all the jobs that are advertised, the fact that you are hiring for different positions shows that you are serious about company growth.

Job boards also have a higher number of keywords. Thereby, translating to more searches on your website. A web design company can help with the technical aspects of setting up and operating a job board on your recruitment page.

Client Testimonials

Testimonials from clients are another thing that prospective employees are likely to search for. A properly written testimonial can help persuade someone to put additional effort into their application. It can also convince them to put your organization as the first rather than second or third choice.

However, it is always important to understand that testimonials can be tricky. If they are overwhelmingly positive, they are likely to sound like marketing copy for your organization. Conversely, if they are overwhelmingly negative, you are likely to turn off candidates.

Get your satisfied clients to talk about their experience quantitatively. Encourage them to explain how your service or product actually helped them. Focus on the amount of revenue earned, hours gained, or another thing that can be viewed from an objective perspective.

Content That Sells

A recruitment website that’s full of spelling and grammar errors will be an immediate deal-breaker for most clients or jobseekers. Before any page goes live, first check it thoroughly for mistakes in typography or phrasing.

Your content needs to sell your organization as an excellent place to work, and if you skip the proofreading, you will only end up building all kinds of negative connotations in the minds of people.

Bottom Line

Your website needs to reflect your company values and goals, whether you are looking for new people to hire or launching a new product. Having a properly constructed recruitment portal should help encourage talented people to check out your company and decide whether it is the proper fit for them.

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