Conversion Rate Optimization For Business Websites

Conversion Rate Optimization For Business Websites

While designing your site, you need to design it with your customers in mind. It is a fact that boosting your traffic can generate more sales for you but it is also important to focus on turning that current traffic into actual paying customers. There are new open opportunities for you to make your customers’ purchasing journey enjoyable. By carrying out a lot of experimentation, you can push the design of your website in a way that pushes people closer to making a purchase. This process is what we call conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Maintaining a good conversion rate and optimization is referred to as a set of marketing strategies for boosting the percentage of your website traffic. It often includes multivariate, split testing, and A/B testing.

Ways to Optimize Conversion Rates

There are a few ways to optimize the conversion rate. It is a form of testing known as A/B testing and also known as split testing.

A/B testing is known as a way of comparing two different versions of the same webpage to see the one that produces better results. The way A/B testing works is that two different versions of the same product are shown to two similar category visitors at the same time and the version that performs well and brings out a larger number of conversions is the winner.

But before A/B testing is conducted, you need to be sure your site gets enough traffic to generate an accurate result. If your sample size isn’t large enough, you won’t get anything tangible from your results because they won’t show you an accurate result of how a larger population is using your site.

Optimizing your site is not a one-time thing, it is an ongoing process that will help you constantly learn more about your audience and how you can serve them better. It is something that you need to be doing to get better.  Conversion rate optimization requires a growth-driven approach. Ensure you keep a list of all the experiments you wish to run in the future so you will always have a new idea to explore.

To Get Started On Your List, You Can Test Out These Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

  • Homepage

This is the front window of your site. It is what visitors will see first once they visit your store. It should be able to capture visitors’ attention, increase their curiosity and pull them in to explore more. Your home page needs to be inviting. It should be made easy for people to enter and navigate through. It needs to drag people into your site so they can navigate through and find something to purchase.  Thus, when designing an efficient home page, keep simplicity in mind.

Try not to overwhelm your potential customers with too many images and texts. Stay on point with a simple and inviting design. You can show your customers coupons and real-time purchases on the homepage. This will be the first thing they see once they hit your page. Ensure you use a design that will make them more excited and eager to make a purchase.

Once the customers hit your homepage, they need to be able to find the exact product they are looking for. Not to mention, be able to discover new products to try.  If your site has a large number of products, try improvising a search bar. Chances are that your customers might not know exactly where to find the product they are looking for. Therefore, including search bars will make it easy for them to see what they want.

  • Organize Your Product Category Efficiently

Your customers should find navigating your site quite easily. Avoid separating your products into too many separate categories. You can group similar products as a dropdown. Order the products in your navigation bar based on how popular they are. Instagram is known to be a very useful tool for discovering products. Adding a shoppable Instagram feed to your website is a great way to inspire potential buyers with pictures of your products. Research showed that shoppable Instagram feeds generate a higher conversion rate. 

  • Include Images That Shows Every Angle Of Your Product Accurately


The most important part of an effective product page is a high-quality product photo. Include images that show every angle of your product accurately. You can also include a video that shows your product in action. This will give customers a better idea of what your product offers.

  • Do Not Mislead Your Customers

Try to be straightforward with your customers regarding prices. Do not mislead your customers, let them in on the prices, the delivery time, and inventory.

  • Add Product Review

Product reviews are a great way to curb the doubts of your potential buyers. Most customers' purchasing decisions are influenced by reading online product reviews. Positive product reviews can convince customers that the product works well.

  • One of the final steps of every customer’s purchasing process is the checkout experience. You need to make it as flawless as possible to avoid customers leaving their purchase at the last minute. The final step displays that your customers are indeed ready to purchase. Therefore, you need to make the purchase happen quickly without any stress.
  • Some customers sometimes fill up their carts with products and then leave without returning to complete their purchase. In situations like this, you can send abandoned cart emails to remind them of the items they showed interest in. This gives them a little push to return to your site and complete their purchase.

Shopping cart

Optimizing elements like the homepage, product discovery, and the likes are a great way to get your customer to the conversion stage. However, you also need to ensure that your site contains contact details and an About Us page.  The About Us page is more like a summary of your product and services. The goal of the About Us page should be centered around building a lifestyle that your customers would love to be a part of. You can try building a story around your products and how your customers relate to them

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