Best SEO Strategies for Crypto Websites

Best SEO Strategies for Crypto Websites

As the cryptocurrency market grows and garners support in other sectors, it is becoming increasingly vital for crypto businesses and startups to have a constant online presence. Online presence is all about competition, and competition for visibility has been a theme of the online space ever since the internet came to life in the 1980s. Just like any online business, crypto websites need to be seen online. This means creating an effective strategy that will bring the required traffic is important.

Search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, can help your strategy and increase the traffic you need to grow your crypto website, like If you aim to capture a good portion of the three and a half billion searches that Google responds to daily, then SEO is the foundation of your success strategy, and you should invest in it.

This article helps you to learn more about using SEO to explode your crypto website’s online presence.

SEO for Crypto Websites

Before we go into the best SEO strategy for your website, let’s talk a bit about SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) creates and curates your website to make it appear on the first page of any search engine’s results pages (SERPs) and get more click-throughs when someone types a keyword related to your website’s niche. The more ranked your content is, the higher the likelihood of getting clicked after SERPs and the higher your online or digital presence.

Now, what’s Crypto SEO?

Crypto SEO is a specific area of SEO that focuses on optimizing cryptocurrency and blockchain websites. This is to increase visibility, organic traffic, and conversions. A well-designed crypto website structure helps you boost your website’s online presence, helping you easily reach your target audience. Hence, if your target is to increase your website’s digital presence, then well-designed crypto SEO will beat your competitors in this ever-increasing competitive space.

Crypto SEO is simply applying standard SEO practices to the unique and practical industry, the cryptocurrency sector. For a crypto website, one of the landing pages will be the crypto conversion link, where users can convert BTC to EUR, for instance. Designing SEO for crypto will require a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency space, its target audience, and the common and not-so-common terminologies of the sector.

Top SEO Strategies for Your Crypto Website

SEO for any website is divided into two parts: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Note that every strategy mentioned in this article must belong to one at any time. Here are the best SEO strategies for your crypto website:

  • Do proper keyword research (On-page SEO)

Keywords are vital to SEO strategy. They connect SERPs to your website. You have to strike the best balance between using keywords. Using common ones is okay. However, it is not great because everyone’s using them. You should look to mix the common keywords with not-so-important-but-also-useful keywords. Your competitors are also looking to get ranked via SEO. Hence, it is important to get ahead of them while using the same strategy.

You should balance high search volume characteristics with low competition characteristics. Your target audience will determine what keywords you will engage in.

  • Have good user experience and interface (On-page SEO)

Crypto decisions are usually made fast and hard. Therefore, it would be wrong to have a slow website, especially when it involves purchases. Focus on making your website as smooth and responsive as possible to increase engagement rates.

  • Leverage backlinks

These are hyperlinks that direct people between websites and blogs. When someone has a link to your website on your website, it tells Google that they can trust your website for good content. New websites generating a high backlink rate quickly is an SEO-boosting action.

However, note that the best backlinks are from websites that belong to the same niche as you. Also, the higher the domain of the website that has your backlink, the better your SEO ranking chances!

  • Leverage marketing/PR

SEO is important, but it is not a bad idea to use marketing to generate rave about your websites. It is not an illegal action, and you should get a marketing agency to do it for you.


The best cryptocurrency website SEO strategies in this article are helpful for SEO purposes. Thus, you should look to apply them all to get the best results. You can also check around for more to add to your bank of knowledge.

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