The 8 Best Stock Research Websites

The 8 Best Stock Research Websites

New investors can turn to these 8 best stock research websites for reliable information.

Getting Help with Stocks

If you are new at picking individual stocks to invest in it would be wise to seek some guidance. Reading and studying the markets are great. The internet is full of advice and free information, but it’s difficult to know which sites are reliable and which ones you can trust. Unfortunately, trading and investing are ripe with scams, and misleading information.

The following websites are tried and true. Most have been around for a long time and have a loyal following.

Motley Fool

Brothers Tom and David Gardner created The Motley Fool in 1993 in Alexandria, VA. The Motley Fool has a lot of free information on its website and several different levels of paid subscriptions.

The Motley Fool’s oldest service is called Stock Advisor ($199/year). They also offer other premium services like:

  • Rule Your Retirement - $149/year
  • Real Estate Winners - $249/year
  • Rule Breakers - $299/year
  • Everlasting Stocks - $299/year
  • Epic Bundle - $499/year

Motley Fool promotes buying more than 25 stocks, holding them for at least 5 years, investing regularly, and letting your winners run.

Motley Fool’s stock picking services are popular because they are easy to follow and they have a track record of beating the market.

Click here for our special introductory rate with Motley Fool.

Zacks Investment Research

Zacks has been around since at least 1988. Giving investors unbiased and independent research about companies. Zacks understands the link between earnings, news, financial reports, and stock prices. Zacks has developed its own mathematically based ranking system for stock alerts and indicators.

The amount of information at your fingertips with Zacks can be overwhelming. Their premium services are designed to allow you to find winning stocks that fit your investor goals and risk tolerance.

Zacks Premium gives users access to in-depth equity research reports, stock screeners, Zacks Rank, Zacks #1 Rank List, and more.

The Zacks’ subscriptions start at $249, but you can get started for free by clicking here.


Morningstar is another excellent company for stock research. Their reports are included with some brokerage accounts and used by many institutional investors. Morningstar compiles a lot of data and shares it with investors seeking to pick stocks.

Morningstar is famous for independent analysis, and its proprietary rating system. Their goal is to help you stay informed about your portfolio and confidently guide you in making new investments.

Click here for our special Morningstar introduction.

Seeking Alpha 

Seeking Alpha is a website packed with financial information. Once you register with the site you can view articles with analysis, set up your watchlist, set email alerts, and get real-time news on the stocks you are watching.

The popular Seeking Alpha Premium subscription is $239 per year. Premium members gain unlimited access to premium content: articles, analysis, 10 years of historical financial information on most stocks, author ratings and their algo-based Quant Ratings.

Seeking Alpha’s Quant Rating system helps investors pick out single stocks to buy or sell. The Quant Rating is a mixture of 4-5 separate ratings and keeps investors informed on how professionals and amateurs rate their particular stocks.

The number and quality of the alerts you can set within Seeking Alpha can be very useful if you can’t be glued to your computer screen 24/7. Seeking Alpha will notify you via email or text if something is happening with a company you are invested in.

Get your first month of Seeking Alpha free here.


Benzinga is a fun site to use. I know investing isn’t supposed to be fun and games, but when big news hits the internet, I enjoy watching stock prices move. This was particularly interesting back when President Trump would send out major policy changes via Twitter, and again during the GameStop fiasco.

Benzinga shows you exactly how the news moves stock prices. They have several features that try to explain why a stock price is moving. The action is live and ever-changing.

Try their free trial here and you will be amazed.


If you enjoy learning about technical analysis and chart patterns then TrendSpider might be a company you would want to look into. Technical analysis can be a bit overwhelming at first. This site monitors stock chart patterns and provides some of the analysis for you.

Get a seven-day free trial here, and improve your day trading skills.


TradingView in my opinion does provide the best-looking charts available for traders. Everything on their charts is customizable. As you learn how to watch candlestick patterns, moving averages, and other day trading techniques you will be spending hours per day staring at charts. Why not stare at a chart that you like?

Try TradingView for free here.

Paid accounts with TradingView include various amounts of indicators and options and range from $9.95 to $59.95 a month.

Stock Rover

Stock Rover is one of the newer companies on this list. Founded in 2008 by 2 software engineers it strives to gather stock information, analysis, and news from multiple sources and get it to you, the investor, in a simplified manner.

Stock Rover prides itself in calculating the fair value and margin of safety for all stocks in its universe. Stock Rover also provides stock ratings and better yet, investor warnings. These warnings might save you enough money to justify their subscriptions.

To see which subscription from Stock Rover is best for you - follow this link.

Closing Thoughts

As you dive into the financial markets and find winning stocks it is important to remember the basics. Always try to only invest with a clear idea of your goals, and budget, and have a plan.

If you feel like the information that you are getting seems false or misleading, follow your gut and run the other way. There are too many reliable sources available for you to be chasing hot tips that will lead you left holding the bag. The 8 best stock research websites in this article all offer lots of useful information and most offer free trials. Check them out today to find your favorite.

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