What is and How Do You Use It?

Selling at times is less about your product and more about your people, processes, and promises. When you tell a prospect they’ll hear from you next Thursday, then you need to actually call on time. Thus building trust. To keep your organization responsive, accountable and most importantly, human, you need an effective solution to oversee these important connections.

What is is an intelligent relationship development tool. This tool leverages big data, data-mining and simple push notifications to bring intelligence to your business relationships. More intelligent than simple CRM, brings artificial intelligence to making meaningful connections.

Sales and the business growth rely upon the careful, conscientious and consistent development of the relationships in every aspect of your business. uses powerful data mining algorithms to help find relevant relationships within your organization.

Who knows? Maybe someone you know working security is a relative of a key decision maker of a high-value prospective contract. With deep enough mining of your company resources, a broader approach to an age-old challenge is found.

Nudge’s service also helps develop relationships in a more natural, organic manner rather than the stiff automated approach delivered by many CRM tools. Rather than a prospect being called simply because their turn was up on the call list, has your call center operating with a higher level of intelligence. It will show you how to reach out with a purpose and thereby create a genuine sense of urgency which is valuable when closing a deal.

Integration with CRM

Current Salesforce clients will be happy to know they don’t have to choose between Nudge and Salesforce. can be easily and fully integrated into any existing Salesforce account. Several other popular CRM tools also offer integration.

You’re getting more than a simple AI boost to your CRM tool with You’ll also gain assistance with the following:

  • Analyzing deal risk
  • Building your team prospect pipeline
  • Upselling and growing accounts
  • Finding common relationships between your organization and others

Gone are the days of a pen-and-paper contact and follow-up system. The ante has gone up. Therefore, if you and your organization intend to approach your growth in a serious manner, artificial intelligence is bound to come up as a necessity.

Once your organization is fully-onboard with, all email, phone, calendar, and CRM relationship history data will be loaded into the system. Instantly it will discover meaningful analytics and relevant relationship data you can immediately use to help you close deals faster and build relationships better. is staking a bold claim by aiming to solve a perceived pain they believe nearly any business faces.

The team behind Nudge conveys that producing sales effectively requires a modern approach. Their belief could be summed up with the claim that how intelligently you develop relationships will have everything to do with how quickly and with what strength your business grows.