7 Tips for Your Online Marketing Strategy

Here are 7 tips you can use and share socially that will help your business get back to the basics and realize what is important in digital marketing today.

1. In this day, your traffic can be 25-65% mobile user!  Even if it is only 25%, you want to give those users a good experience.  Mobile matters.  You need a mobile friendly website!

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You need a mobile friendly website


2. You can't simply wing it!  Organize your content to match your digital strategy.  Too often we overlook "Attraction" content.  You need this to grow your audience and to engage socially your community. Read about the 3 Keys --> Attraction & Engagement ---> Lead Capture & Nurture ---> Convert & Measure.

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You need a Content Strategy!


3. You need to be on SOME networks not all.  Where is your ideal audience spending time?  What  networks do they prefer?  This is where you need to spend time.  Need help deciding? View the Guide to Decide.

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Not ALL Social Media


4. You need call-outs on your website to free or simple offers to grow your email list!   Simple offers that are relevant and offer enough incentive are key in growing your email list.  Coupons, free download, ebooks, access to webinars or videos are all methods.  Use what is relevant to your audience but be sure to offer items to grow your email list!

You need call-outs on your website to free or simple offers to grow your email list!  >> Click to Tweet  

You need Call Outs


5. Email is still critical to marketing. Email's get handled because they are in the inbox!  Use Email! >> Click to Tweet

Use lead capture pages with simple incentives that are relevant to your audience, whether a coupon, ebook, access to a video, etc.  The simple offer must have value to incentivize the user to complete the form with their name and email address.  This is the gateway to build rapport and grow sales!



6.  You need Email nurture campaigns! After a opt-in you should have automatic emails that help grow and nurture the relationship.

The emails should be related to what they opted in for and should educate, inform and help them.   This is a relationship building mechanism.  >> Click to Tweet  

You Need Nurture Campaigns


7. Being HELPFUL can be a major sales strategy!  Be available. Answer questions. Loyalty will grow! >> Click to Tweet 

Being Helpful..


What's your next "doable" step to take action on?  Take 1 action today!

Let me know what was important to you!


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