Growth of Mobile Demands Business Changes for Web and Facebook

August 21, 2013
Do you know someone with a smartphone?  Or maybe a better question is, "Can you name 5 adults without a smart phone?" Chances are quite high that either you have one or that you immediately can name a few people that do. Mobile statistics show that smartphone use in the United States continues to grow rapidly.  […]

Capture Leads and Grow Sales with your Facebook Page [Webinar Event Coming]

August 19, 2013
Yes, you can capture leads and grow sales with your Facebook page! Learn how in this practical, no-nonsense tip filled webinar I'll be giving on September 5. TabSite is hosting a new series called "Get a Grip" that helps Page Admins take control and action to truly drive value from their Facebook efforts.  This webinar […]

Practical Success Tips for Facebook Contests

August 16, 2013
Facebook Contests offer great opportunities to help a Facebook page grow, reach more people, and generate leads. Contests have the ability to draw visitors to a Facebook page and when used correctly, can be a very valuable tool to accomplish engagement objectives. CONTESTS CAN: Drive Traffic Increase “Likes” of the fan page Extend audience reach […]

How to Grow your Email List with Facebook Contests

August 15, 2013
Email marketing continues to be a strong method digital marketers can utilize as part of their marketing mix. It is a universally used tool that everyone sits down to check at work or home. While tweets on Twitter and posts from a Facebook page may or may not be seen by a follower or fan based on […]

Businesses Getting Real [Podcast] with Pam Moore - The Social Media Impact on Every Company Today

August 14, 2013
Social Media impacts Marketing, Branding, and more for every business today. No longer can businesses get away with one way, push communication that shoves "buy, buy, buy" down the throat of consumers! In this podcast, I spend time with Pam Moore, CEO of digital agency Marketing Nutz and a Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power […]

Want to Grow Your Facebook Page Fan Community? Try a Contest

August 13, 2013
Why a Contest on Facebook? Contests are one of the most powerfully simple tools you can use to: engage your fans reach friends of those fans bring fans and new visitors to your fan page Boost the growth of your Facebook Page community grow your email list Yes, running a contest on Facebook is a […]

6 Ways to Say Thanks for a Retweet

August 13, 2013
Let's keep it short and sweet, not quite 140 characters here in this blog but short for my posts nonetheless! In the world of Twitter, retweets are a bit of a "badge of honor".  It means someone found your content to be valuable enough to want to share it.  It's one of the "ways of […]

Website Landing Pages for Lead Capture [Overview]

August 9, 2013
  Step 1 Step 1 in growing your online presence is simply the creation of your digital properties including a company website and blog.  With this, a business creates their online footprint and "home base" or "store front" on the web. Step 2 As I've noted before in my "5 Keys to Thrive in this […]

Facebook Page Checkup Guide [INFOGRAPHIC CHECKLIST]

August 5, 2013
It’s critical that Facebook Page managers take time to regularly audit their Page and ensure that they are not missing out on new features. This Facebook Page Check-up List INFOGRAPHIC outlines 12 key items to review to help maximize your Page’s potential. Facebook changes often—audit your Page and do a Facebook Page Checkup to keep up! […]

4 Common Old School Social Marketing Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

August 3, 2013
Today's reminder is brought to you by the folks living in reality.  While many of you get this, this is for that 20% that still need to get a clue. Things have changed!  It is no secret that online marketing today is different from traditional marketing. Gone are the days of simply strolling into town […]

7 Key Items to Review to Grow your Facebook Page [Podcast]

July 31, 2013
Smart businesses are seeing the value of Facebook and want to know how to grow your Facebook Page. The fact that Facebook users spent enormous amounts of time on the platform is not going unnoticed by marketers! During Facebook’s 2013 second quarter earnings call, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg shared that were about 18 million […]

The 2 Most Important Tabs for Every Restaurant Facebook Page

July 30, 2013
Facebook offers restaurants a great platform to stay in touch with customers and find new ones. The key is providing the right information at the right time, right on Facebook! 2 Tabs Restaurants MUST HAVE on their Facebook Page 1. A Menu Tab It's your KEY information!  Let visitors on your Facebook Page know what you […]

5 Keys for Businesses to Thrive in this Digital Age

July 28, 2013
Companies often come knocking, wanting to know how to succeed in growing their business online. They recognize that marketing and sales have changed in the past 10 years in a drastic and significant way.  From primarily print driven and direct sales person to person, to now being online and global.  As well, the shift has […]

Facebook Page Cover Image Easy Design Template

July 23, 2013
Easily create a custom Facebook Cover image using PowerPoint! Our TabSite team created a template that anyone can use to easily build a custom Facebook Cover Image for their fan page. Simply download the file, open in PowerPoint and then follow the instructions to create on slide 3 your perfect, custom cover image.  After creation, […]

4 Top Online Video Tools for Small Businesses

July 20, 2013
The use of images and video in digital technology continues to grow. Why should businesses consider using video more? Images and video capture attention and help communicate messages faster, better, and with more emotional connection. With the speed of data networks and Internet service continuing to increase, the barriers to sending, sharing, and posting images […]

How Cats and Bacon Drive Massive Social Media Engagement

July 18, 2013
What is it exactly that drives the popularity of cats and bacon in social media? Cat memes and bacon pics rule and have massive engagement and share rates for some reason that escapes me! I have to admit, I don't get it.  Why do cats have over 30 million monthly Google searches?  How is it […]

How Small Businesses can use Instagram Video for Marketing [Podcast]

July 17, 2013
Instagram continues to grow rapidly in terms of users and activity. With the addition of 15 second videos to the existing mobile app and other new features, Instagram offers a valuable way for business marketings to create, produce, and socially distribute rich media videos. This Halftime Mike Podcast by host Mike Gingerich gives a quick 20 […]

Top Tips for Increasing Sales with Ecommerce

July 13, 2013
Ecommerce has come a long way in the past 3-5 years. From being something that was done by only large companies with big budgets to now being available to any business or hobbyist, the barriers to selling online have come down significantly. Another shift has been the increasing comfort level of consumers with making purchases […]

12 Point Check-up List for Facebook Page Admins

July 9, 2013
How long has it been since you REALLY stopped and reviewed your Facebook Page? Are you keeping up with the latest Facebook changes and features?  It’s critical that Facebook Page managers take time to regularly audit their Page and ensure that they are not missing out on new features. This Facebook Page Check-up List outlines 12 key […]

How To Embed Instagram Videos in your Blog or Website

July 8, 2013
UPDATE: July 10, Instagram releases new embed feature for the desktop web browser version! Currently, as of July 7, 2013, Instagram does not have a simple method for users to grab their videos and embed them into a blog post or a web page. Option 1: Instagram Web Version Now, when you visit an Instagram […]

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