How to Use Instagram to Gain Potential Business Clients

For your business to grow, you need to attract your designated target market in any way possible, whether it be through various advertising channels or using your social media. Business owners would recommend you to use social media to create buzz as it is free and easy to use. However, the list of these apps keeps on getting better day by day, making it harder for you to choose.

How to Use Instagram to Gain Potential Business Clients

Facebook has always been the number one choice among business owners as you can do almost everything on it, and everyone in the world knows how to use it. However, it can also be a big problem for you because you have to deal with your competitors. One app you can try using is Instagram. According to statistics, this app has 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and the result shows that clients tend to be more interested when seeing the brand outside their website and their social media platforms.

If you want to start getting potential business clients and some inquiries, here are some ways to utilize and unleash the power of Instagram.

Produce Quality Content

You may have probably done this many times on your other social media apps and may sound so obvious, but this is really important. With Instagram, you need to post high-quality images. Avoid uploading photos that are pixelated and fuzzy. If you are using a filter, try to use one filter in all of your photos to show consistency. Same with editing your photos, try to use the same technique you have applied for each of your photos. There are hundreds of photo editing apps that you can use to make your photos look good and of high quality. You can also use automation tools for Instagram to schedule posts and videos, enabling you to post regularly.

Update Your Information

When updating your Instagram information, that does not mean the address and your bio but the whole in general. To attract new business clients, start by adding a good profile picture of your business that reflects your brand. Experts suggest that you put either your logo or a professional photo of yourself. Avoid putting selfies as it is not good to look at. Then, put a short description in the section that says "Name". For example, if you are selling cards, you can put Note Cards by The Everyday. This will help create attention to anyone who will get a notification from you. After that short description, add short but sweet details about your business on the about me section of Instagram that will attract clients to make business with you.


In every business, you must build a strong connection with other business owners, and with your soon-to-be clients as well. This is where many people overlook this step on Instagram. You'll see a lot of photos with a lot of comments with no response from the business owner. If you want to create interaction with the people using Instagram, engage with every comment you receive by writing a meaningful response.

Watch and reply to people's stories, as this goes directly into their inbox. With such efforts, you are creating a bond, and it shows that you care for the people around you. The number of comments and likes also helps in getting potential business clients. If you receive fewer likes, fret not, as some sites can help you to get more likes. You can buy Instagram likes automatically from these sites and instantly help you with reaching many customers. Plus, if they leave you a compliment, it's a plus point to your business.

Utilize Hashtags

The use of hashtags has been successful among businesses a couple of years ago, and up to this day, many businesses are still using them. However, not all are utilizing this feature to its full potential. If you put a hashtag in your caption, it shows you how many posts there are under that hashtag. Experts suggest that you do not join the thread. Instead, try to use a hashtag that is a bit unique and has fewer posts but is still popular enough that people will be interested in scrolling through them.

According to a marketing expert, start by hashtagging about what your business does. If you are selling planners, put a hashtag about it. From there, you will see other people in the same industry are hashtagging. Ideally, use a hashtag that most of your target market will likely search on their Instagram account. This may take a bit of research, but the result would be very beneficial to your business. Take note that hashtag also may change frequently, so keep an eye on what's trending.


These are some of the techniques you can use to attract potential business clients when using Instagram. The key here is consistency. It can be hard at first, but when you start to understand the algorithm of the app, it would definitely be easy and the next thing you'll know, you have interactions here and then.

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