Top design tools for content marketers in 2023

Using visual content in marketing is one of the most useful techniques to get higher engagement rates. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and nowadays, videos are also worthy of attention.

The engagement rates of visual content are way higher than simply text. That's why multimedia-based platforms are really on the rise and responsible for a significant portion of internet usage.

An expert from Social Tradia claims that social media accounts that use high-quality visual posts are highly likely to get more followers, sell their accounts, and make more money. Therefore, content marketing strategists always have a certain plan for creating visual content.

The thing is that you cannot do anything special without tools these days, and visual content creation is no exception.

Tasks such as editing images, editing videos, creating infographics, and creating animations can easily be done by various tools, most of which are free and easy to use.

Here are top useful tools for marketers to do each one of these tasks easily and without any extra expense:

Images editing tools

Most of the time, images cannot be posted without an edition. You need to add texts to them, crop the images, intensify some parts, and make many other changes.

Image editing tools can significantly help you in this regard and here are the top ones:


Wepik is a free, cutting-edge platform that offers a vast array of design tools for crafting diverse marketing materials and social media posts, among others. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface empowers you, even if you're not a professional designer, to effortlessly create high-quality visuals. With access to an extensive collection of templates and advanced AI-powered tools, Wepik becomes your indispensable resource for content creation.

top content design tools

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free tool for combining images, slideshows, videos, and texts into one standalone item. You can freely log in through your Facebook, Adobe account, or Google and use it. Fortunately, Spark can easily be used by non-designers for creating social graphics, web stories, and animated videos without needing expertise.

adobe spark


When you need basic picture editing jobs, Photoshop is not cost-effective, and that's why tools like Pixlr come to mind. It helps you to make a new image by yourself, upload a picture from your device, or even get a picture from a URL directly. Pixlr provides you with AI-powered photo editing features.



Canva is a free tool that provides you with infographics, presentations, advertisements, social media posts, and many other marketing items. A user-friend drag-and-drop interface enables non-designers to create images like professionals. The tool gives you access to hundreds of fonts, picture filters, and free icons and shapes to help you out.

Canva design tools and templates

Video editing tools

Creating engaging video content for marketing might be difficult, and you need professional tools to add context to your video clips.

You can use a lot of tools to edit your video content before posting them and catch the interest of your target audience.

These are some useful editing tools:

AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is among the best tools for video marketers that allows them to work with various file formats and sizes. This tool lets you edit your videos by trimming, splitting, cutting, rotating, merging, and mixing them. You can easily choose among 300 groundbreaking video effects and transitions. Stabilizing shaky video recordings is another fantastic feature AVS is providing users with.

avs 4 you editor


This is a cloud-based video editing program that is increasingly being popular among non-professional users. WeVideo is offering some advanced features, including audio editing capabilities, a commercially available music library, and 4 K resolution video sharing capabilities. WeVideo provides you with free use of over 1 million pieces of stock visual items, including videos, pictures, and music tracks.

Wevideo Free Video Editing App for Youtube and More


VideoShop lets you add sound effects, music, and voiceovers to your own videos. You can also combine and edit video clips and add various effects and filters to them. It's a perfect tool for iPhone, Android, and iPad users to personalize your videos easily and fast and share them with all your friends.

videoshop tool

Info-graphics creating tools

Accessing the newest information is one of the most important reasons people are using the internet and social media platforms.

Infographics are subsequently on the rise since they can provide masses of information in a beautiful, compact, and easy-to-read way.

Here are several top tools for creating compelling infographics:

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator provides you with features you need to create beautiful elements that combine storytelling content writing with innovative design. This is the best tool you can ever imagine in this regard, and all top blogs and social accounts use it to broadcast their message.

Eye-catching graphs, flowcharts, timeline templates, and many other features can make your design process really easy.

Adobe Illustrator design tool


If you are searching for multi-task media creation tools, then Infogram is worth a try. In the free edition, you get access to 37 different templates of infographics in addition to 13 types of maps. Using a great source of free items, images, and GIFs, you can make better choices about what you want.

infogram - Graphic design tools for content marketers in 2021


As they claim on their site, Visme is the most versatile content creation instrument in the world. Its purpose is to inspire individuals and brands to build and present compelling stories in the form of infographics, engaging presentations, books, images, photos, and many other items.

If you're a starter with infographics, Visme is a must. It provides various templates, charts, and widgets to help you make your infographics.

visme content marketing design tools

Animations creating tools

Animations are also very popular among social users, especially Gen Z. Apart from offering a sense of humor, animations can provide many effects that are impossible in real videos.

If you want to create compelling animations to get high engagement rates, you'd better get familiar with these tools:


Boomerang is a separate tool that also works inside the Instagram app. With this tool, you can take short videos on Instagram and share them. You can easily download it from Google Play and use it to improve your content style. 




If you are looking for a way to quickly build visual content, RenderForest is an excellent choice. This cloud-based video and animation maker tool helps you make presentations, infographics, and, more importantly, animated videos.

You can create stunning animated videos in a few easy steps using Renderforest. It provides you with a wide variety of templates for your animation. Character animations, educational cartoon videos, whiteboard animations, animated stories, and much more can be created by RenderForest.



Powtoon is a tech company based in Britain that releases cloud-based animation tools. This tool lets you create animated presentations and explain videos. The name "Powtoon" is a combination of "PowerPoint" and "Cartoon," which means the tool has combined these two features.


Final word

Visual content marketing is now the priority of many people, companies, and influencers. Without visual content, your blogs and social posts seem boring, and you'll lose your readers and followers. So try to take advantage of these tools to improve your social presence and generate more leads.

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