Help - I think I need an AdWords Consultant!

When do you need to hire an adwords consultant?

As time progresses, more and more companies are realizing the value of digital marketing. It saves time and money and is not as difficult to maintain as some other marketing options. However, if you miss the mark during your setup phase, you will have a hard time reaching the right people, essentially wasting your time and money. One way to be sure you get started right is to answer "Yes!" to the question, "Do I need an AdWords consultant?"

What is the deal with paid searches? 

An AdWords consultant who is certified in keyword searches understands the finer points under the greater banner of digital marketing. Engaging the services of a consultant is a surefire way of increasing the results from your targeted marketing campaign. 

Before embarking on a digital campaign, you should be clear on your reasons for running a certain campaign. Having a basic understanding of keywords and budgets is fine and well, but if you are not able to maximize the usage of either, you will be throwing a lot of money into the water. Most major search engines have well-developed keywords functionality, but despite this, mismanaged keywords can lead to a major waste of both time, opportunities and money. 

How to keep up with changes in the market? 

Algorithms change and adapt daily, and you would be wasting a lot of energy trying to stay on top of every change. The amount of time you would need to commit to researching updates and how they affect the way things are structured or accessed in the digital world… or, you could save yourself a heap of time and trouble, and employ an AdWords Consultant to completely take over that side of things, freeing you up to look after essential business functions. 

Keep an eye out for an AdWords Consultant who is able to function hand-in-hand with the person who is currently heading up the bulk of your company marketing activities. This allows for the quickest and most seamless exchange of knowledge between the person who has the history, and the one who needs to take that knowledge into the future, digitally. 

You also want to find someone who plays open cards, and who allows you access to their past successes and learning curves. When you need an AdWords Consultant, one with a proven track record will have nothing to hide. 

Is my candidate legit? 

By the time you have shortlisted a few people you like for the job, you will have to find out who is the best match for your company, and that means weeding out the flashes in the pan. 

Watch out for people or companies who are only willing to take a flat fee or a retainer. Companies who are willing to proactively work on a small flat fee with commission, are far more likely to put in the extra effort to make your campaign a success. Someone who is sure of what they are doing will be far more likely to put their money where their mouth is and put in the work to get you leads that convert. Finally, remember to go with your gut - if an offer by a digital marketing agency or freelancer seems too good to be true, it often is.

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