Great Customer Service Starts with HR

Great Customer Service Starts with HR

At the core of every business operation is the practice of good customer service. In many businesses, customer service is used to measure the progress of the business, as many entrepreneurs have realized that better customer experience widens a business. What some of the business owners and proprietors are yet to realize is that excellent customer service is deeply rooted in human resource. The HR department can easily control the service and experience that customers leave with at a business. So it is true that great customer service starts with HR. When followed, this has far-reaching implications in the long-run for any business. As such, the HR department should be handled in a way to work in synergy within the business, and seen as a key aspect of customer service. In some cases, companies outsource hr, and this can save time, money, and stress. This can be particularly effective within a small business. 

Here are some ways in which customer service depends on the HR department.

  • The HR Department is Responsible for Customer Service Mentality

In colloquial terms, it is said that he who pays the piper calls the tune. In the business world, the boss directs the operations wherever he or she deems fit. The Human Resource department sets the tone of company culture and employee focus in the business. Therefore, getting them to focus more on customer service and making it an integral part of company culture is an easy call for the department. The employees only require to be told what is expected as standard customer service, and they can quickly implement it. In addition, the HR department can establish a unit to handle customer service complaints whenever they arise.  In some cases, companies outsource HR to scale this team professionally more quickly.

  • Employee Training on Better Customer Service

The human resource department can also decide to organize workshops, seminars and even individual training for their employees to learn how they can improve their customer service. Many businesses have opted for this choice, and employee training is an integral part of the onboarding process. The employees learn invaluable skills on how to foster better customer interactions, how to serve the customer better and even how to be friendlier to the customer. Such traits are geared towards gaining a favorable response from the customer and making them feel more valued by the business.

  • HR Can Conduct Customer Service Surveys

One of the easiest ways to assess customer satisfaction at your business is to carry out surveys. These surveys are vital as they help to know where the business is
doing well in terms of customer service and where they need to improve, and a survey researcher can ensure accurate feedback. In addition, they can be used to compare with rival businesses and learn where the business is doing better than competitors or where they are lagging. For instance, a survey will identify if the business is doing well in handling the customers timely and appropriately. Customers get to say whether the weak points are the staff morale or the quality of services. Surveys enable a business to reflect on its operations approach and improve.

  • HR Can Motivate Employees to Better Customer Service

The human resource department can decide to improve customer service by motivating the employees. For instance, they can set objectives regarding customer service that gets an employee rewarded if they attain the set targets. Businesses have utilized incentive plans to motivate and encourage their goals to be implemented for many years. The employees do their part, knowing that an award waits for the winner. In their efforts, customer service within the business improves, and the business thrives.

Final Thoughts

Customer service is a yardstick that many businesses use to measure their progress and penetration in the market. Although it’s achieved through many aspects, the greatest of all being customer-employee interactions, the business can work on plans to attain better customer service ratings. Through the human resource department, several attempts to better customer service can be rolled out. The realization that great customer service starts with HR is the beginning of success.

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