What is and How Do You Use It?

August 30, 2016
The quality and style of your written material can say more about you than the message you intend to deliver. Poorly worded blogs, rambling business letters, and confusing emails only serve to damage your image. Some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world have struggled with written communications, but there is a solution. is […]

Keys for Email Nurture in your Digital Marketing Funnel

August 25, 2016
Is your Email Nurture campaign performing? Do you have a refined strategy for email nurture after a lead opt-in on your website? How can you improve your email drip marketing to convert more interested leads to sales? In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into the details on email nurture tactics as they flow […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Nurture Campaign

August 23, 2016
In the field of digital marketing, email marketing still holds a primary position for converting leads to sales. You’ve done the hard part; which is getting their email address – now, offer them emails of value to keep their interest and build trust. Consider the following tips for nurturing and converting these leads into sales […]

The Art of Using Email to Grow Sales

August 18, 2016
Email marketing has been around for a long time, and it has a proven track record of success. If done right it can increase your leads and sales. If done wrong it can seriously harm your reputation.  There are some basic do's and don'ts you should always follow and in this post we want to […]

Google Goals for Work-Life Balance

August 16, 2016
Managing any business is intensive and can easily consume significant amounts of time. It may also have a tendency to gobble up open time on your schedule if you allow it to. Any long-term goals that you intend to accomplish can easily be sidelined or put on the back burner if you're not careful. Fortunately, […]

Optimizing your Online Sales Funnel

August 11, 2016
What is it about optimizing your online sales funnel that seems so nebulous and challenging for marketers today? Not even sure what I mean when I say, "Online sales funnel"? Then you're in the right spot.  Stay tuned to learn about it from an expert! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I interview online […]

What is Pokemon Go and How Can it be used for Business?

August 9, 2016
Pokémon GO is a game in its own, unique new category. The smartphone app game's player base huge, and it's played daily, by millions of users spanning across many demographics. Most games require a player to focus all of their attention on their computer, mobile device, or console. Pokémon GO is different. It's a GPS-based […]

Secrets to Maximizing Time and Increasing Productivity

August 4, 2016
Working more hours doesn’t translate to necessarily improving productivity. Based on a Stanford University study, a work week of 50 hours or more doesn’t make employees work better, but it makes absenteeism and turnover ultimately worse. When it comes to productivity, quality works better than quantity. Maximize your time by doing the following: Map out […]

The 5 Most Secure Cloud Storage Providers for Your Business

August 3, 2016
Cloud storage services are dime a dozen and most of them offer a tremendous amount of convenience and security for a low price. While some of them provide ample storage, others provide value-added features for a higher price. Security aspects are however paramount for cloud storage and some of the providers are good at providing […]

6 Ways to Use MailChimp to Benefit of Your Business

August 2, 2016
Email marketing is definitely not dead. You need to optimize your efforts to reach more people and achieve better results. The question is, how do you do that? MailChimp offers a highly effective way to create email marketing campaigns that work for your business. Here are 6 ways you can make MailChimp Email Service work […]

Lead Capture Tactics in the Digital Marketing Funnel

July 28, 2016
Lead capture tactics - one of the most important and biggest gaps on websites today! Most website do not have clearly defined ways to capture leads on their website.  A "contact us" form is not a lead capture tactic! Lead capture must be part of an integrated online strategy. In this episode of the halftime […]

What is and How Do You Use It?

July 26, 2016 is the next step in content marketing research and editing. It's artificial intelligence (AI) that frees up time and works for you so that you can focus on your message. If you know that content marketing for your website and social media posting of resource-rich information is important but you don’t have the time, […]

A Review of Livestreaming Apps

July 22, 2016
Today, many businesses are starting to look into using livestreaming apps to help strengthen and nurture their relationship with their audience and customers. Video is popular and people are tuning into live video more and more.  Smartphone use is making it easy to livestream, and it’s a tool businesses need to consider as part of […]

Facebook Live Video for your Business

July 19, 2016
According to recent statistics, there are over 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users in the world today. One of Facebook's newest features to help businesses to market is live video. You don't need special equipment or any special software, all you do is open your company Page in the mobile App and click on the […]

Magnet Marketers LIVE Show Tuesday's at 4pm ET

July 18, 2016
  Magnet Marketers is a LIVE online show each Tuesday at 4 pm ET. Hosted my Mike Gingerich and Jessika Phillips it's a show all about discovering how your business can become a "magnet" online rather than being an old-school bullhorn. Times have changed, your marketing needs to as well! Learn about the latest trends, […]

Ways to Succeed in Work and Life

July 15, 2016
Some Do’s and Don’ts on Life and: Starting a new job Being a good team member Adding value to people and situations (Not in any order) 1. If you want to get ahead, become an acute observer of people and what is happening around you. [Tweet " If you want to get ahead, become an […]

Growing an Online Business - The Alison J Prince Story

July 14, 2016
Are you growing an online business with measurable success? Is your Facebook Page and Instagram account growing and driving sales? Interested in hearing the story of one mom who is repeating success online? You're in the right place! In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into the Alison J Prince story.   […]

What is SocialChamp and How Do You Use It?

July 12, 2016
What’s the essential thing you need to set up your brand’s identity? Social media, isn’t it? Nowadays, social media is the proven way that helps you to build up your brand identity and introduce it to the world. However, what happens when you have multiple social accounts? Isn’t it exhausting to post manually on all […]

The Key to Closing More Sales [Blab]

July 8, 2016
Are you struggling to close sales? What's the number one key to selling? People must first buy into you before they buy your product or service. You have influence. The impression you give a potential buyer is critical to their decision-making. The impression you give is more important than anything people hear about your services […]

Social Media Marketing on a Budget

July 7, 2016
Having a solid marketing plan is essential for every small business to get the word out about their products and services. Companies need to be cost-effective (i.e., small marketing budget) and one way to maximize your dollars today is through online social media marketing. Social media is a legitimate business marketing avenue. People spend significant […]

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