The Top 5 Ways to Stay Organized for Productivity

April 12, 2016
Unfortunately, there are going to be some days that you just don't feel totally productive. Days where you sit down at your desk, look at your to-do list, and immediately think, "My brain just cannot handle this today." However, when you're running a business, there aren't many (if any) days that you can afford to […]

What is DuetDisplay and How Do You Use It?

April 5, 2016
Have you ever thought you needed more display real estate than just your laptop? Traveling with just a laptop can make your work harder if you are used to having a larger or multiple displays. If you have tried to extend your display to a mobile device over WiFi you know that there's a frustrating […]

SEO Tips: What Matters Today for Business Websites

March 31, 2016
Staying current on SEO Tips is critical for business success on the web today. The web changes rapidly and SEO changes each year because search engine algorithms change.  A search engine algorithm is the set of rules that a search engine like Google uses to determine what is the "best" search results for a search […]

BombBomb for Video Email Marketing

March 29, 2016
  Video makes an impact. YouTube receives over 1 billion different visitors every month and video is the hottest form of engaging audiences on Facebook today. Digital marketers, therefore, need to evaluate a marketing focus that includes video marketing in their online strategy. More than 60% of marketers use video within their marketing strategy. BombBomb […]

Tips to Setting Your Price

March 24, 2016
Setting your price can be one of the hardest tasks when it comes to selling your product or service as a business. The price you put on your products or services can determine whether you'll be successful and whether you can entice customers to buy from you. If you want to learn more about setting […]

Increase Employee Productivity: The Power of TINYpulse

March 22, 2016
Is your business productivity and growth at a gridlock? You’ve done everything right, your place of business is welcoming and spacious, and your marketing is consistent and bringing in prospects. However, your employees don’t look happy and they’re not being as effective and productive as you would like. Research identifies that employees who feel undervalued […]

Facebook Important Updates for Marketers

March 17, 2016
Facebook keeps on changing! It's a powerhouse of opportunity for businesses....if you keep up. Facebook recently released a number of important updates for marketers.  As the world's largest human database accessible to marketers, it's an important place to invest and stay current, because if you do, you can reap powerful benefits! In this episode I […]

Team Communication Online: Slack is it!

March 15, 2016
Keeping your work team all going in the same direction can feel like herding cats at times. How do you keep everyone up-to-date efficiently and keep digital information flowing to all who “need-to-know” without flooding everyone’s email inbox and have files floating around in various emails but not centralized and easy to find. To solve […]

Top 5 Translation Apps for Business

March 8, 2016
According to economist Thomas Friedman’s 2005 book, The World is Flat: a Brief History of the Twenty-first Century, technology – particularly, the Internet – has made things, people, and places in the world more accessible than ever before. You can contact someone in China as easily as someone in a neighboring community, rendering the world […]

Latest Trends in Social Media: Keys for your Business

March 3, 2016
Recently I hosted a seminar on the "Latest Trends in Social Media: Keys for your Business." The aim was to inform small and medium sized businesses as to what is changing in social media and online.  Things change fast and it's hard to keep up! For many small businesses, business life is already busy and […]

Business Uses of Facebook's New Notify App

March 1, 2016
Facebook is stepping up again to show it wants to remain your number 1 favorite social media platforms with their newest mobile app, Notify. Notify was created to keep you posted on news, weather, trends, sports and everything you want to know immediately with simple smartphone notifications. Notify lets you select from over 70 "stations" […]

How To Use Google Apps To Organize Your Virtual Team

February 23, 2016
One of the biggest problems with work projects today is finding the right way to communicate effectively online. Every team has dreamed of finding a way to work on the same presentations, documents, and spreadsheets without thousands of emails going back and forth. Enter Google Apps: A powerful online suite of business software tools from […]

Serving versus Selling: Golden Tips for Sales Growth Today

February 18, 2016
Serving versus Selling makes great business sense today. Gone are the days of one way marketing and sales strategies that were more "bullhorn" (and bulldog) in approach. Social Media and Online tools have given the customer a voice like never before and with that voice they want more from you.  They want a dialogue and […]

4 Key Tips for your Email Marketing

February 16, 2016
  As your business seeks to grow, one method to help is to setup an automated sales pipeline on your website that uses email.  This use of automated “drip marketing” emails is an efficient way for a business to grow leaders and nurture a prospect in the journey to becoming a customer. The key is […]

BLAB: How to Add Delight to Your Customer Experience from the Inside Out

February 11, 2016
Customer experience is more valuable than operations often realizes. Depending on the industry and the business challenge at hand, the focus can often get shifted away from the end-user to something happening within the organization. The time spent "putting out fires" in your organization might seem like time well spent, but that inward-focused attention is […]

Top 3 Tools for Online Accounting - Freshbooks, Quickbooks online and WaveApp

February 9, 2016
Accounting is one of the most important tasks businesses handle on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs, during the initial stages of the business, don't analyze what their accounting needs are. If you're not watching your business cash flow, it'll be difficult to reach your business goals. Some small business owners are overwhelmed and confused […]

4 Keys Vital for Business Website Success

February 4, 2016
Is your website setup for success this year? Are you covering the vital keys necessary for growing a strong online business website presence? Have you stopped to review your site lately? If you hesitated on ANY of these questions, this episode is for you!  I'll cover the 4 keys vital for business website success this […]

How to Create an Instagram Ad

February 2, 2016
Instagram continues to grow in users and business uses. It’s a great visual platform and many businesses are seeing the power of connecting with their ideal customer audiences on the social network. Running Instagram Ads is a great way to harness the power of this social media powerhouse to reach more of your ideal audience. […]

LinkedIn Free vs LinkedIn Premium

January 26, 2016
When people think of social media, the two platforms that come to mind first are typically Facebook and Twitter. However, in the business community, LinkedIn is the dominant social network of the professional community. Users spend an average of nearly 10 minutes per day on the social platform. Users of LinkedIn say they are 50% […]

The Why That Drives The What in Business and Life

January 21, 2016
Why do you do what you do in business? For the profits? To provide for your family/lifestyle desires? It's important to know the "why" that drives you in business. I call it "the WHY that drives the WHAT". The why must be of such substance that it drives you forward when the going gets tough. Guess what, […]

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