Gmail Tricks and Tips

Gmail Tricks and Tips

Every small business owner or marketing manager is regularly on the lookout for online tools that streamline the daily workflow and increase productivity. When it comes to achieving those goals, there seems to be no limit to Gmail’s ability to deliver. Try some of these great Gmail tricks and tips to help keep marketing objectives humming along.

Gmail Tricks and Tips (2)

Wisestamp Signatures

WiseStamp works with Gmail to create professional looking HTML email signatures that can be customized to help you get found online. This is a powerful app that lets anyone connect his or her social profiles to their signature in just a couple of steps. It allows for placement of a company logo in the signature line and adds a personal touch to a company’s online world.


This terrific plugin is considered an essential tool by many and will help simplify the keeping of deadlines and more. Boomerang allows emails to be scheduled and sent at any time. It also has a reminder component so you won't lose track of important messages which delivers the email reminder right into your inbox! It is worth noting that there are a lot of other great Gmail extensions that offer an alternative to Boomerang.

Gmail Trick and Tips

Sidekick by Hubspot

When it comes to searching for an effective way to track emails, Hubspot’s Sidekick answers the call. This easy to install app gives real-time insights into sent emails and allows prospective follow-ups at the optimum time. Knowing when, and how often, an email has been opened and read can give a company an invaluable marketing advantage.

IFTTT Recipe

Short for If This Then That, it allows saving email attachments to Dropbox, or send starred emails to Evernote. These emails will create a new note in the designated notebook.  For example, star emails that pertain to appointments to go to an Evernote Calendar or Meeting list. The possibilities are endless with this web app.

Gmail Trick and Tips


Keyword Tagging

This is such a simple thing I don't know why I didn't use it sooner. But now it saves me so much time searching through my inbox that it's crazy. When you have a project, task or some other type of important email, down below the signature line add a descriptive word to use as a search tag. Most people won't scroll down below the signature line, so they'll never even see it.

If you're really, really organized your could have a #hashtaging system that's similar to a filing system. You're only limited by your imagination.

This handy app takes bookings online by linking with one’s Google calendar. It allows others to book time via the web. It allows for multiple booking forms, say one for customers and another for co-workers, and is fairly simple to set up. Events set up in Google Calendar are reflected as reserved in the YouCanBook.Me calendar, eliminating multiple scheduling duties.

Gmail Trick and Tips


When work is email driven (think especially freelance or customer service), this add-on helps keep email clean and optimizes time management by aiding in emptying an inbox and integrating Gmail with other administrative tools.  When emails start to pile up and overwhelm, ActiveInBox will help to sort out what must be done immediately and what comes next in line. Based on the David Allen book "Getting Things Done" it automatically creates Action and Waiting On folders for your inbox. Choose an action and a date and the email will pop back into your inbox on the specified date.

Bonus tool: Drag

Every team with email-driven tasks and projects should try out Drag. It introduces boards to your Gmail making the dream of task management from your inbox come true. Not only do the boards have customizable columns, but they can also be shared with your teammates. You can turn an email into a task, share it with your team, add notes, specify a deadline and assign it to a colleague without leaving your email or going back and forth between apps.

Right Inbox

Right Inbox is an email productivity tool that supercharges your Gmail account. When it comes to wanting to track email opens in Gmail then look no further than Right Inbox. Get real-time insights on who reads your emails and who’s ignoring you. With email tracking you know exactly when to follow up with prospects.

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