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Whimsical is a great visual workspace that allows users to create diagrams, flow charts, and sticky notes. Software companies and digital agencies can benefit from this cloud-based tool in many ways. While the visual tool Whimsical may not replace mainstream wireframing tools, it has great potential to evolve and is easy to use to improve procedures and workflows.

Use Cases of Whimsical

As mentioned, Whimsical has several functions, ranging from wireframes, sticky notes, flowcharts to mind maps. Each of these functions has a set of tools that are specific to the intended function. Furthermore, the free version of Whimsical comes with 5 free boards for every mode. Use cases for the visual tool Whimsical include the following.

1. Flowchart

Flowcharts are a widely used function in Whimsical, especially by digital agencies. The tool allows users to create:

  • Organizational charts – fast and easy to create
  • Workflow processesvisualdig
  • Infographics – you can create infographics for use with other training material or presentations.

2. Wireframe

workYou can use Whimsical to create the following:

  • Lo-Fi wireframes – Whimsical stocks all the necessary features, eliminating the usual entry barrier to wireframing. This is specifically beneficial for mobile app developers.
  • Journey mapping – this is great for highly visual users. Drawing the user journey can be highly effective compared to typing it out.
  • Mind mapping – Whimsical even has a dedicated mind mapping workspace.

3. Sticky Notes

Whimsical allows users to create custom Kanban boards and to-do lists. The sticky note feature is especially helpful for labeling and marking specific tasks. Users can even change the sticky note colors for easy reference. This provides a great place to keep your stuff organized.

Why You Should Use Whimsical

Whimsical is very intuitive and easy to use. It has several contextual toolbars that are well-displayed, giving you all you need to design efficiently and with speed. Moreover, here are the ways the contextual toolbar is beneficial.

Lessens screen clutter

It is a standard practice that modern app designs have toolbars full of icons. However, unlike other visual tools, Whimsical only has six icons, helping to eliminate screen clutter.

You only see the relevant controls

Every toolbar on Whimsical is tailored or customized to what you are working on, reducing cognitive overhead. You no longer have to struggle to find available icons or search for disabled icons every other time.

Actions are closer to where you are working

The contextual design means that you can access relevant icons or controls without moving across the screen to reach them. Close controls mean that you spend less time navigating across the screen, giving you ample time for content creation.

New users learn with ease

The contextual toolbar design makes onboarding for new whimsical users less intimidating. If you just started using this tool, you can start with a few primary controls and add more gradually. Since these options are tailored to every function, you don’t need as much mental processing to master them.

Fast Export Speed

Exporting diagrams and other visuals from whimsical is fast and incredibly simple. Just highlight the diagram, flowchart, or sticky notes you want to export and choose your preferred background. The final product is a high-resolution .png export format. Therefore, this makes Whimsical suitable for exporting visuals into emails and documents.

Final Thoughts

Whimsical packs all the features you need from a visual tool. It is a great tool for brainstorming, creating product specs, user flows, wikis, and architecture diagrams, among other uses. However, it has its fair share of shortcomings that avid users have reported. For instance, most people wish it had custom lines and pre-loaded templates. However, the Whimsical team continues to improve and add features so who knows what the future will hold.

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