How Gmelius CRM for Gmail Can Help your Business Productivity


Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most important parts of your business. Keeping track of your customers’ wants, needs, and communications are essential to keeping them happy and making sure they stay a customer. A good CRM system also helps you track any communications, potential earning opportunities and chances for growth with your existing customers.

Gmelius brings CRM to the Gmail platform. Gmail is one of the most popular email providers in the market and many people use it professionally as well. If you’re using Gmail to communicate with your customers, Gmelius adds several valuable features you’ll want to consider.

Gmelius Features

  • Automation and Added Features

    Daily communication can take up a lot of time. You’d be amazed how many hours per week are used doing common repetitive tasks. As well as researching information you should already have. Gmelius has several features to help reduce this busy work. Email tracking tells you when a sent email is opened or any link within clicked. Additionally, the sequence sorting feature organizes messages. Email sending can be scheduled, common emails sent on a schedule, labels created, personalized campaigns configured and follow up emails sent automatically. In addition to cleaning up clutter Gmelius also adds markdown syntax (to format text and lists easily) and gif files to your messages. Gmelius also integrates into your CRM system via logging or can send copies of all your emails to colleagues as needed.

  • Teamwork Tools

    Sharing communication and data makes any team more efficient. Gmelius has several tools to keep people in the loop and reduces the chance they won’t know what’s going on. A shared email box, easy email sharing, shareable notes, group templates for common messages, and a Kanban board helps productivity and reduces confusion.

  • Security Features

    Gmelius adds security to your emails to help keep you and your clients safe. Their email stamping feature prevents forgery and allows you to track that your emails been successfully sent. Your data is valuable and a commodity by itself. Gmelius deletes trackers and blocks any other parties from tracking your company’s communication protecting your privacy.


Gmelius offers four different pricing tiers to match your needs and avoid overpaying for features you don't need.

  • Free: is a good choice for a very small business or one that only has so many emails a month. It offers Gmelius’s most basic additions and limits most email features to 10 uses per month.
  • Sales: At $9/m, this removes limits to follow-ups and other emails allowing you to use the service as you see fit. You’ll also gain recurring emails, chat support, and other features.
  • Team: At the Team level, $14/m, you gain access to several useful teamwork features such as shared email inboxes, messages, and related materials. Other useful additions include consolidated billing and remote customer support.
  • CRM: For $20/m, the CRM level adds the most advanced features such as email stamping, data recovery services, your own support agent for assistance, advanced reporting, multi-stage email campaigns, and email tracking.

Why Use Gmelius?

Gmelius offers several useful features and makes any Gmail based business accounts far easier to manage. Another reason you’ll want to try Gmelius is the company behind it. They offer full customer support, billing that’s easy to understand, and as a Swiss-based company is GDPR-compliant which is useful if you do any international business or just value your privacy. They offer a free trial and several different pricing levels to assist businesses of many different needs and sizes.

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