Project Management Software Comparison: Asana vs. Basecamp vs. ProofHub


Project management software is now considered a vital tool in the day-to-day running of a business. Aside from making work predictable, thus easy, these products help business managers accurately organize and plan for tasks and people for long-term profitability.

A common challenge, however, is selecting the right project management software for your business. With the market welcoming new products every few weeks, it’s important to assess each solution carefully before making a decision.

Here’s a summarized comparison of the three popular project management software products; Asana, Basecamp, and ProofHub to help you arrive at an informed decision. The comparison is based on key features, pricing plans, and additional features.

Project Management Software Key Features

  • Asana

    Asana’s key features include; notifications, the ability to schedule tasks from email, recurring tasks, a timer integration, task scheduling, Google drive integration, and file sharing.

  • Basecamp

    Basecamp’s key features include; calendar management, chat, email integration, and task scheduling.

  • ProofHub

    ProofHub’s main features include document comparison, customer management, notifications, scheduling, file sharing, data export, Google Apps integration, and data visualization.

Project Management Software Pricing Plans

  • Asana

    Asana is eternally free for teams comprising 15 members or less. The free plan gives you access to unlimited tasks, projects, and basic dashboards. Premium plans start at $9.99 per user per month, billed annually. Deductions exist for long-term users.

  • Basecamp

    Basecamp has a free plan, except that it’s open to all teams regardless of size and lasts 60 days (two months). Once the free plan expires, users can choose from four premium plans. Learn more about Basecamp pricing here.

    • Basic plan ($24/month for 15 projects and 5GB file storage)
    • Plus plan ($49/month for 35 projects and 15GB file storage)
    • Premium plan ($99/month for 100 projects and 30GB file storage)
    • Max plan ($149/month for unlimited projects and 75Gb of file storage).
  • ProofHub

    ProofHub comes with a 30-day free trial period. Beyond that point, users choose from two annual payment plans; Essential and Ultimate Control. The Essential plan, priced at $54/year gives you resources for 40 projects, 15GB for storage, core features, and unlimited users. The Ultimate Control, meanwhile, gives you access to 100GB storage space, core features, and many additional features. Additionally, it can be used for unlimited projects and by an unlimited number of users.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

  • Asana

    Asana is designed specifically for startups, SMEs, freelancers, and enterprises. It’s web-based and the mobile version runs on both Android and iOS.

  • Basecamp

    Basecamp too is designed for startups, SMEs, and enterprises, but, in addition to the web app, the desktop version also runs on Windows and Macintosh. The mobile version runs on both Android and iOS.

  • ProofHub

    Besides startups, SMEs, and Enterprises, ProofHub is ideal for freelancers, agencies, and for personal use. The solution is only available as a web app on the desktop but runs on both Android and iOS on mobile.

Final Word on Project Management Software

All the three solutions are SSL-secured cloud platforms. These solutions are designed to make collaboration effective by keeping conversations and tasks in one place. Additionally, all three;

  • Have at least 80,000 users and very high user satisfaction ratings (80% plus). Basecamp stands out here with more than 1.5 million users.
  • Offer excellent customer support, with call, email, and live chat support available for all the premium plans.

There are minor differences in pricing, features, and other elements. Therefore, it’s these variations you need to carefully evaluate along with other competitors to pick out the best project management software that best suits your project.

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