Tips and Tricks for Listening To and Enjoying Podcasts

Tips and Tricks for Listening To and Enjoying Podcasts-315A podcast is much like a radio show. It can be audio, and can also include video and presentation materials. You get to listen and learn about any subject including news, business, science, marketing, etc. In fact, if you're in business, a podcast is a huge opportunity to learn strategy and tactics.

But Podcasts aren't just for business development. Relax and listen to Oprah's Super Soul Conversations, Ted Talks Daily or even a serialized audiobook. There are history podcasts, humor podcasts, true crime podcasts … and even Stuff You Should Know by How Stuff Works, which is on the list of top podcasts in the Apple app, and, you guessed it, is all about how stuff works.

Podcasts are easy to consume

Podcasts allow business people to tap into many perspectives from experts making it easy and convenient to offer consumers what they are looking for. Listen to the podcasts while in traffic, taking a walk, during exercise or at the office. These programs are free, and all you need is internet access. Listen immediately when you come across a topic you love, or download them, and create a "playlist" on the topics of your interest.

Don't think you have enough time to listen, or you're just impatient? Listen to the podcast at 1.5 or 2x speed. This will speed up the narration. At 1.5 speed you will hardly detect any difference in speech patterns than at normal speed. And you'll be able to get through more content faster.

How to access Podcasts

Get your podcasts on the native Podcast app if you're an Apple user. On Android, download Pocket Cast to listen to Podcasts. You could also download a free app such as Stitcher, TuneIn or SoundCloud for podcasts on those various networks.

Subscribe if it's interesting and you want to keep on listening

Subscribing ensures new published episodes are automatically delivered to your device. This way you don't have to visit the podcast website to see what’s new. Be sure to stretch your genres to get as much helpful information as possible. If you encounter a gem, don’t give up keep searching.

Go deeper into podcasts

Some podcasters have weekly posts and other daily, with messages related to business directed to business owners looking for ideas. Normally, the podcasts focus on real business problems and how to solve them. Following the forums gives you access to ideas of how to balance your work life, reach potential investors, among other topics. Some professional podcasters invite thought leaders and well-known business people for interviews as guests. Some of them also allow their audiences to send their questions for podcast guests and choose the most popular ones to be asked during the interview.


The next generation of global business leaders will be learning from Podcasts as a result of how accessible and easy to digest they are. And Podcast producers are increasingly the recognized experts in their fields. Consider taking advantage of the free platform in your business development process. There are also many ways to monetize podcasts, and SoundCloud promotion website services can also help you boost podcast views.


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