Google Workspace For Your Business: Is It Worth It?

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Google has recently announced the rebranding of G-Suite to Google Workspace. It’s yet another Google branding change and a timed move given the current demand for a virtual global workforce. Workspace has the tools you are familiar with packaged in new ways and together it offers a comprehensive solution for communication and collaboration for all types of businesses. In this article, we cover why you may want to consider Google Workspace for your business.

Who Can Use Google Workspace?

Google Workspace has created more separation between their products to make it easier for businesses to find a solution that works for them. Smaller companies with less than 300 employees but in need of custom email addresses using their domain can choose the Google Workspace Basic plan at $6 per month, per email account.

Google Workspace Business comes in at $12 per month per user and is suitable for businesses that want some advanced collaboration and productivity tools. Google Workspace Enterprise is ideal for larger businesses that need advanced compliance capabilities, additional security, and mobile device management. Enterprise pricing is determined through the Google sales team.

Google Workspace is best suited for:

  • Small to medium businesses looking for a toolset to enhance their teams’ collaboration. It gives administrators more control over security and access settings for their team.
  • Freelancers that want an application to easily share their work with partners and clients. Additionally, they gain access to affordable productivity tools and email.
  • Right now G-Suite is still operating for nonprofits. However, soon nonprofits will be able to take advantage of the free nonprofit version of Workspace.
  • Any business that is looking to transition from local storage and desktop solutions to cloud-based working environments for file storage, document creation/management, spreadsheets, and presentation tools.

Why Google Workspace Is Right For Your Business


Google Workspace combines all your productivity tools in one place. You can easily switch between email, calendars, documents, and chat, saving you time and effort. Through Gmail, you can access Google Meet to chat or make video calls without opening a new tab. Meet integrates with Calendar, has presentation features, and can even live stream. Google Drive is perhaps the most convenient tool on Google Workspace. Users can access and share files online or offline. Additionally, a Data Loss Prevention feature is built-in, so administrators can prevent team members from sharing sensitive content with users outside the team.

Ease of Use

All of Google Workspace products are easy to adapt to. It offers a functional yet familiar experience with products such as Google Docs and Sheets. These products are very similar to Microsoft Word and Excel, which your team is undoubtedly familiar with. It is also easy to navigate to other tools like the Admin Console, which is very intuitive and straightforward to use.

Sharing and Collaboration

Google Workspace facilitates seamless collaboration between team members. Several users can collaborate on the same document simultaneously. This means any changes made are auto-saved and reflected in real-time. The commenting system works well, and since you can revert to previous versions, you don’t have to worry about conflicting changes. Calendar allows users to share meetings, reminders, events, and tasks. An additional update even lets you see resources like equipment and meeting rooms.

Cloud Storage

There is an impressive range of collaboration and productivity tools, all of which run in the cloud. This requires plenty of storage for them to be effective. All users on Enterprise and Business plans get unlimited storage. Furthermore, all files you create in Google Sheets, Docs, or Slide won’t go toward your storage limit.

Integration With Other Tools

Most impressive about Google Workspace for your business is its ability to integrate with almost every kind of tool you can imagine. From CRMS, creative, web development, finance and accounting, and academics. This makes it easy to slot into existing processes.

Wrapping Up

Google Workspace can be an excellent solution for your business needs. It can help you boost collaboration and productivity within your team. It offers competitive pricing compared to other productivity solution suites available and is adaptable to small or medium-sized businesses.

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