The Power of DocHipo for Design Creation

Free Graphic Design creation Software DocHipo

DocHipo is free graphic design software that helps you design different graphic items, from social media images to posters and more. It's a fit for the solopreneur to the professional marketer. As one of the top online design software options, DocHipo has more than 2,000 templates for different design creation to help make your needed graphic design come together quickly. 

This review dives into the features and pricing of DocHipo.


As noted, DocHipo provides thousands of ready-made design templates for all sorts of design creation. In addition, they offer an intuitive interface and easy-to-use editor to customize your design work. Here are some of the key features of DocHipo.

Stunning templates

DocHipo has thousands of high-quality templates in different categories. A vast collection of templates that suits almost every use case in your scenario is available to ease your work. You can browse the templates by industry, format, or occasion. Once you have finished with your design, you can publish them on the web. You don't need to download the design unless you want to.

Online photo editor

Transform ordinary images into memorable and gorgeous visuals with DocHipos's built-in photo editor. The available tools to edit your photo include flip photos, filters, and crop options. When you are done, you download your image with no watermark.

Background remover

You can remove the background to transform your image for use in different areas. Such areas include banner templates, blog images, YouTube thumbnails, resume photos, and promotional posts. You can also use a diverse background for your photos.

Design widgets

You have hundreds of icons, illustrations, stickers, backgrounds, and shapes to create a perfect graphic. The design widgets are easy to access and create your visuals how you want them. Besides, the widgets are easy to use, so you don’t have to be a pro to create beautiful designs.


Pricing and payment options

You don't always have to pay to use DocHipo; you can get a forever free subscription. Nonetheless, you can pay for a pro plan offering more features than the free one. Under the free plan, you have access to:

  • Free templates, free pictures, and graphics
  • Ability to create up to Five documents
  • A standard email support
  • Options to download your template in a png or jpg form

The Pro plan goes for 10 $ per user per month. Other than the features offered in the free program, you get the below features:

  • Premium templates and design assets
  • Unlimited documents
  • A download with high-resolution
  • A feature to remove the background of your images and download with a transparent background
  • The option to comment on your documents and view the history
  • Downloads in the form of MP4, gif, and PDF
  • The opportunity to add multiple users

If you choose the pro plan, you can pay with any major credit card or PayPal and in different currencies. Also, you can scrub your subscription anytime, but you do not get a refund of your money. Instead, you continue using the features in your plan until your subscription expires and your account is downgraded to the free plan.

Pros of DocHipo

Here are the benefits you accrue with the vast features that DocHipo offers for design creation.


DocHipo provides a user-friendly interface with an intuitive platform and an easy-to-use image editor. So, you don't have to take hours figuring out how to customize your image or template. Besides, you don't have to fret about a learning curve if you are a beginner. Instead, you pick up a pre-designed template and use the drag-and-drop feature to change elements to customize your template.

Royalty-free images

You can access thousands of high-resolution images you do not have to pay for. Also, you can edit the images or use them as required without any restrictions. Finally, you don’t infringe copyright claims of the images in question.

Smart Resize

DocHipo allows you to create various sizes of the same design for different social channels. Then, you resize your images for various social media platforms at the click of a button. Since smart resize doesn't only work for predefined dimensions, you can customize your image dimensions.


DocHipo provides an easy but powerful option to create, collaborate, and share your documents and designs. The price and payment options are also very reasonable. If you are still unsure whether you should try DocHipo, try out the free version first and see that you'll enjoy the features. The best part is that you don't need to upgrade unless needed.

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