5 Of The Best Tools To Monitor Your Online Reputation

Best Tools To Monitor Your Online Reputation

The world has transformed into a completely digital one. Everything is achievable on the internet. But things weren’t like this a few years back and at that time, most of the people used to make use of the internet for entertainment only. The brands weren’t actively working online. They had zero to no exposure to people on the internet. As such, they didn't need to monitor their online reputation. The situation is not like that anymore. People are more inclined towards digitization. They buy online and make a vision of brands or people depending upon the data present on the internet which can either make or break your reputation. You wouldn’t remember what you have posted about you or your brand on the internet. Right?

Now that you are working or selling online, you want to keep your reputation clean, and guess what? That’s easily achievable.

As technology has progressed, it has invented several tools that can help you track your online reputation and increase your business’ credibility. Using these tools, you can filter the content you don't want online and minimize the danger of having a bad status.

You can easily highlight positive stuff about you/your brand and disappear the negative stuff.

Thus, to make it easier for you, we have enlisted 5 of the best tools to monitor your online reputation below. Continue reading to learn more. 

1. is a social media marketing platform that can also solve multiple problems that arise in building brands’ reputations. You can monitor your brand’s online reputation and work on different strategies to improve it. The tool can be customized, has an intuitive interface, offers easy search, filtering, labeling, and tracking features.

The social listening features of this tool are extremely beneficial for managing your online reputation. Other than this, the tool also carries modules like publishing, engaging, advertising, audience analytics, measuring, and benchmarking.

The tool markets across 100 million online sources which is a great plus as it can increase your business’s visibility across the world.

You can also find out about trends of what people are saying about your brand, products, and competitors which can help you react faster and resonate with what people are talking about. You can send emails to resonate with the audience. And for that, you can go for email marketing nurture campaign. This way you will easily connect with the sentiments of your audience and nurture your business’s credibility.

Moreover, this tool is effective as it can notify you about negative stuff posted online about your brand. Further, it can swiftly analyze, monitor, and react to what you hear on social media, be it forums, review sites, and beyond.

2. Digimind

It's another strong online reputation management tool that proposes a mass of features to assist brands to become aware of what’s going on online, the reputation, and offerings. The tool offers impressive functions to its users and the power of AI present in this tool makes it highly intuitive.

Digimind is a good tool for tracking competitors' brands, products and listening to people who talk about your brand or products. The metrics provided by this tool are quite outstanding, giving you the advantage of having a deep examination to reach insights.

Moreover, the most prominent feature of this tool is that it carries Natural Language Processing that can easily comprehend slang languages used by people on the internet. Having all such information, you can easily make your moves and work strategically to enhance your brand's credibility.

3. BrandMentions

BrandMentions is a large platform that doesn’t restrict its listening to a limited channel. All of the media sites are presented here no matter if they have social accounts or not such as blogs, news, and review sites.

Using this tool, you can easily do substantial configuration by observing the keywords related to your brand. Apart from that, you can also search for the keywords of your competitors and track their performance online. And with the help of this, you can address people's concerns and do better than your competitors. If you are a startup, we recommend starting email marketing. You can make use of email marketing automation tools for startups. This will help you in the long run in building trust with your audience and would benefit your business a great deal.

Further, this tool can help you filter the results of your online monitoring and make you view the results more clearly.

4. YouScan

YouScan is basically a listening tool that enables you to scan the social media platforms and websites for brand mentions. As a result, you can analyze those mentions for the larger social influence which helps in finding billions of data searches you can skim through and make it more specific. You can filter out the fluff and put in more substantial information to make your reputation powerful.

The best thing about this software is its image recognition features, which enable users to get incredibly particular in their visual explorations.

The interactive graphs and charts of this tool depict all the crucial trends going on with your subjects of selection. Thus, this tool is effective to drill down results and make required moves for the improvement of your reputation.

5. Google Alerts

Google alerts is the 5th and last tool on this list that helps you monitor your online reputation. This tool works as an alert. You can set an alert on your or your brand’s name and Google will send you alerts whenever the mentioned name is being used on the internet. You can then take the necessary actions or leave it as it is. This can be a great way to keep a regular check on your brand’s reputation.

The Bottom Line

We have mentioned the top five tools to enhance and monitor your online reputation. You can choose any one of your favorite tools from this list. However, we do recommend making use of SaaS email templates. You should start email marketing if you aren’t doing it as it can build a great connection with your audience and help make receptive relations with your customers. Until then, use a monitoring tool and take your business to new heights!

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