Four Indispensable Business Tools That Colleges Don't Teach You About

Four Indispensable Business Tools

Colleges teach you tons of skills to prepare you for your graduation. You’ll learn how to solve a certain set of problems, excel in a subject or make an impressive resume. Working hard to earn a degree is important, but so is learning the business tools that will help you excel in the future.

Once you are nearing the end of college life, the actual learning of how to find a job and pave your way as a young professional begins. However, a lot of college graduates find themselves clueless about the various business tools used in the real world when they take up a job.

Technology and tools form the backbone of any business and ensure the smooth flow of work. Below is a list of four indispensable business tools that colleges don’t teach you about :

1. Time Tracking Tool:

Firstly, time management is important for the success of any organization. A lot of projects get derailed due to mismanagement of time which causes a heavy loss of revenue for the organization. A time tracking system is an important business tool that young grads must know about.

Businesses that use time tracking tools get real-time insight into how their employees are spending their time. This information allows managers to assess their progress within a project and to optimize efforts for increasing the efficiency of work.

A time tracking tool makes employees more alert and pushes them to stay on task and focus. They then learn how to better schedule their work which greatly increases their productivity.

2. Project Management Tools:

Secondly, project management business tools are essential to manage, plan and execute tasks efficiently by a project team. Project managers use these tools to allocate work to various resources and review their work status.

A project management software gives employees clarity about who is working on what aspect of the project, and what is their role within the project. Thereby helping to track the work status and allows managers to assess individual employee productivity. Project managers are able to organize and delegate work since they have everything in a central location.

For instance a cloud project management software makes it easier to organize tasks and store project information securely as everything is stored on the internet instead of on a device. This way the information can be accessed by all team members and everyone is aware of the project progress.

3. Collaboration tools:

Workplace collaboration is crucial for achieving common business goals. Collaboration tools are necessary for all team members in order to accomplish project goals by combining their efforts. The most common collaboration tool is a web conferencing software that allows people to talk face-to-face virtually.

Other collaboration tools are file sharing programs that allow safe exchange of confidential business data. With these, you can quickly share important files, documents, spreadsheets or presentations with other team members.

As such, using an instant messaging app facilitates collaboration by allowing quick exchange of information to prevent any wastage of time which keeps work going despite team members being working across the globe.

4. Payroll Management tools:

Gone are the days of manually doing payroll and writing paychecks. Businesses now have digital solutions for payroll generation and management. Payroll management tools automate the calculation and reporting of employee payments.

These tools simplify the payroll process and ensure employees receive accurate payments on time. Since it is not manually done, there are no errors and no delays in salary distribution.

Additionally, with a payroll management tool, there is complete transparency in processes and employees get to access their payroll information online which removes any potential confusion.


In the past decade, technology allowed businesses to build a dynamic work culture with the help of simple yet effective tools to organize and manage work very productively. Although colleges don't teach about these business tools, they are highly useful for young grads starting their career.

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