The Advantages of Campaign Monitor for Non-Profits

The Advantages of Campaign Monitor for Non-Profits

Giving Tuesday is a charitable holiday held after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and yet, only 18% of people are conscious of this event. Giving Tuesday’s obscurity can limit fundraising capabilities, making it harder to reach fundraising targets. Companies such as Campaign Monitor can help non-profits improve their brand awareness through email campaigns.

To improve your non-profits visibility, utilize email marketing. Email results in one-third of all online fundraising revenue, and so, your marketing strategy should incorporate email outreach, alongside social media, to maximize online donations during Giving Tuesday.

Instead of sending out a one size fits all message, you should segment the data collected on your donors. Send relevant content based around each donor’s likes, dislikes and past online behavior, and gain the trust of the donors you are targeting. Irrelevant email frustrates your receivers and damages your organization’s reputation. You want your donors to be aware of your activity for all the right reasons.

Campaign Monitor offers these simple to use, yet powerful email marketing tools. Through easy to use drag-and-drop mechanics, you can create attractive, mobile-friendly emails. You can even embed videos into your email campaign; increasing your open rates by 13%.

Non-profits should consider email marketing packages which allow you to collect and segment your data, and create visually stunning, personalized emails designed for all electronic devices. All of the above will help increase your charity’s awareness, increasing your donations this Giving Tuesday.