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If you’re a marketer, then you already know that email marketing is important. More importantly, choosing the right email marketing tool- one that suits your business needs is crucial.

For a long time, Mailchimp has been the industry favorite. But, with recent changes in pricing, you may be looking to switch from Mailchimp. The good news is that there is a great Mailchimp alternative – MailerLite.

Why MailerLite makes an excellent Mailchimp alternative

Highly Affordable

If you’re a startup, a small business, or a blogger that's reaching out to 1000 subscribers or less, MailerLite can be perfect for you. The Free Forever plan clearly makes a great alternative to Mailchimp.

Simple features like sending a welcome mail (a feature that you may otherwise have to pay for on Mailchimp) are also available here.

Your email list should always be growing and MailerLite understands that. In this case, you can opt for a paid plan (which is also affordable compared to Mailchimp). These plans offer many additional features, including 24/7 live chat support and extra reporting.

A Clean and Simple Design

From the clean design right through to the easy to use editor, MailerLite feels good every step of the way. It's extremely easy to navigate the MailerLite website.

However, even though it looks basic, MailerLite is packed with powerful features. There are many well-designed template designs to choose from. Each of them has a different look and feel. You can modify these templates for your needs and create visually appealing emails.

Additionally, building landing pages becomes a lot easier. With the intuitive drag and drop editor, you can seamlessly create stunning landing pages that give a professional look. You’ll be able to create an impactful landing page in just minutes.

Advanced Automation is a Big Deal

MailerLite offers a key marketing approach for free that is very valuable to marketers. It allows you to automate a sequence of emails. Simply add or delete steps to your email flow as you please. In just a few clicks, you can set up your email marketing nurture campaigns. Adding to that, it provides eCommerce tracking through its integration with WooCommerce and Shopify.

What’s more, MailerLite integrates with popular tools like OptinMonster, Zapier, and platforms like Eventbrite, Facebook, and more.

Support is Just a Few Clicks Away

Does this count? Maybe it does.

One of the outstanding features that make MailerLite a great Mailchimp alternative is the fantastic round the clock support. When something odd happens to your campaigns or if there’s something technical you’re struggling with, there’s 24/7 email support for free plans and 24/7 live chat for paid plans. Plus, the support is available in 5 languages.

Further Features

Don’t forget, the impressive set of additional features like A/B split testing, auto resend, RSS campaigns, video marketing, segmentation, etc.

Also, MailerLite makes it easy for you to create interactive surveys in your emails. This is coupled with Pop Up forms that come with a wide range of templates. You can also add Facebook and Twitter posts directly to your email.

MailerLite Really Shines!

Sounds good to be true? Go ahead and experience the multitude of MailerLite features. With MailerLite, emailing becomes ever convenient. With a good amount of features, services, and affordable pricing, MailerLite is a perfect Mailchimp alternative.

If you have a modest budget and (or) you’re a small business, MailerLite has tailored features for most small business needs. Get started today.

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